Dry Dock: Bourgogne | World of Warships

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Today, we’re focusing on a French Tier X battleship! Bourgogne is a French battleship project that embodies the further development of Richelieu, and was designed in response to the German H-class battleships.
World War II prevented the construction of a series of four ships of her class—Alsace, Normandie, Flandre, and Bourgogne. In World of Warships, the battleship is presented in her modernized version, with secondary battery and AA armament from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The ship can boast of being fast and having a good firing range.


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If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


  1. Andrew AL 'Bammers!

    I understand how she was put at tier 10 because of that reload booster. But when it’s on cool down, she’s basically an Alacase at the wrong tier, one tier too high.

    • @léo RODRIGUES Yes, but 12×380 is not 12×420 or 12×406 SH. It’s much closer to 10×406 in true power.

      This game is a bit weird with how it treats guns, but they still try to asign ships to a roughly “correct” tier based on their in-class power (obviously you can’t compare a cruiser to a battleship). In that regard, Burgogne is a tier too high.

    • Bourgogne is fine in tier X


    • What? She has the stats of a pre-nerf Alsace, even more buffed. She’s the best tier 10 BB if it wasn’t because of Thunderer.

    • I remember when they release this after they nerf Alsace

    • @You Mad Bro not like Alsace was an OP tier 9 BB right?

  2. 이쁘긴 참 이뻐

  3. BranAdriel Mangay-ayam

    *insert comment here*

  4. Im early this time

  5. What’s with the hiding at the end?

  6. In wows at a side of the Bourgogne with her historic camo there is a red car behind the secondary turrets.

    Art deppt. deserves a raise

  7. WOWS: “We recreate ships accurately”
    Ehm somebody remembers the Al Littorio? Or do we forget that it`s copy pasta`d Roma ingame, without even trying to hide the “Roma” nameplate :p

    • So what actual characteristic of littorio ?

    • michelangelo buonarrotti

      @nia agustina Roma is a Vittorio class so they should be almost the same except for the fact that Roma was the only Italian bb with a radar that was pretty damn good. More in general Roma should have almost same range of Yamato, should have the best torpedo protection of the game since this class excelled at it. For the rest it is fairly well represented in Wow tanky moderately fast no AA and bad dispersion.

  8. Salvo into full broadiside Kremlin for 9k – can relate…

    • Bourgogne has 380mm guns, shooting at a kremlin nearly 10km away. Kremlin has 410mm of citadel armor belt.
      Her shells cant pen the citadel so the only damage is from the upper part of the hull.

    • @Justin Chen Kremlin Laughs in Russian Bias and replies with a salvo of 457mm guns , Bourgogne be like well gentlemen it appears that I am on fire -_- . Kremlin be like Oohoohoo cry some more 🙂 .

    • I mean, that salvo was very inaccurate, the shells fall everywhere on the deck.

    • @Drew Thatcher Then Bourgogne go kite and burn Kremlin down to the bottom of the ocean.

    • @Danhvn LOL I was just trying to make a team fortress 2 joke. Because in that context it was funny. Also actually comes down to the skill the of the players and well its kind of meme of how squishy french BBs are or can be when played incorrectly.

      And well I Kind of think that what the ship personalities be like even though wows has their own ship characters. And excluding them as azure lane weeb stuff.

      It also doesn’t help that I enjoyed this you tuber APC227 where he just does a lot of World Of Tanks and War Thunder Meme stuff with his model tank collection. And the fact that all his tank models are used a characters that are voiced over by pre recorded Team Fortress 2 character Dialogue. I know that was rant and a half But that’s just how I would a lot of the wows ships interacting as if they were characters.

      lol so just role with the joke it doesn’t matter who wins just the comedic interaction between the 2 Battleships XD lol.

  9. Correction.

    We recreate warships accurately according to their blueprints. Then buff the ones from our home land.

  10. Also they say that Bourgogne has top of the line anti-air. Yeah right as if that matters anymore.

  11. We recreate ships accurately, according to their historical blueprints.

    And beyond our imaginations, we added Helipad

  12. The last time I was this early, Smolensk was not even released.

  13. I know a lot of people scoff at the idea of using concept or blueprint ships in game, but there’s a quote from UK Battleship Monarch I think perfectly encapsulates WGs mentality on the matter. “They may be outdated, they may be flawed, but even so, they still have the right to exist…” Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a ship was built, fought, sank, survived or even cancelled because you can’t transfer reputation and experience into 1s and 0s. Every ship has equal footing as long as they have the plans to build off of.

    • I would agree but in this case they clearly took some liberties. This ship was supposed to have triple turrets and they felt that quads were better based off of known technology but then made the ship faster than it should have been despite the increased armor. I love looking at the ships designs and looking up their history but for this game I just don’t understand some of the choices they make.

    • @Bukiyou Neko i do know some decisions are made for balance reasons, but i also learned that they actually do talk to former and current military historians and officials and ask them what they think they would have done as well. So its not just Wg making these decisions, they actually talk to the respective nations navies and archivists as well for their opinion

  14. Sometimes I feel bad for a bourgone player when their main guns gets destroyed easily. I played petro in random then a bourgone player tries to 1v1 me but then I retreated and he tried to show his broadside but I knock all his guns until it gets destroyed he can’t use all his guns but he still chasing me 🤣 maybe he try to ram me.

    I can relate when all of the main guns are destroyed and doing nothing. I played jean bart btw.

  15. Yes 10 km broadside Kremlin. 12 shells 9k dmg. Every French BB’s dream.

  16. I’m a wow legends player I wonder if wed get this ship as a legendary French battleship in the bureau and tbh I’d stop Alaska and kurfusrst for o go for it

  17. It’s a Dragon Ball Z Fusion around Jean Brat and Alsace really

  18. Player base:Why can’t you be normal!
    Bourgogne : Screams in 32mm armour

  19. TBH, when I saw the quad turrets, I was like “Yup, that’s French”

  20. we recrate war ships accurately from there blue prints. your kidding right? half your ships are wrong not talking bout ones that never existed though speaking of ones that did like Langley and Algeria list gose on and on with made up addons to increase there weapons load out tho for sake of game play not bad idea but claiming that your doing accurate ship recreations is a joke

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