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Today, we’re focusing on a Premium Tier VIII ship from the American carrier branch, a Yorktown-class strike aircraft carrier—Enterprise. This is the most decorated American ship of World War II, and not without cause—she took part in the majority of battles against the Japanese fleet in the Pacific Ocean. Take a look at the legendary ship from an unusual angle in the latest episode of Dry Dock!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Which ships do you want to see in future episodes?:)

  2. This is for one sole purpose, not to show off 3d models, not for the bravery of their crews, but rather…

    *B U Y O U R B O A T S .*

  3. She is a beautiful ship. One of my favorite aircraft carriers. Second favorite USS Yorktown CV 10

  4. *O WA RI DA !!!!!*

  5. It is funny how Enterprise fits none of the descriptors you laid out in the beginning.

  6. Great video, can we get a Naval Legends for her next, please 😀

  7. *OWARI DA!*

    approved: *100*

  8. Sky, the final frontier. These are the battles of the USS Enterprise. It’s continuous mission is to bomb strange new ships, to spot out new targets and new hostile tactics. To boldy cap where no carrier has capped before.

  9. The ship Japan couldn’t sink

  10. OWARI DA!

  11. She’s so beautiful.
    Keep calm and owarida! ✊

  12. The music fits this legendary ship.

  13. And sometimes, they see it all.

    The community may give you shit for design decisions, balancing, ect, (myself included, (why give smolensk smoke?))

    But holy shit do you guys make a beautiful game and you have done an amazing job of representing the Yorktown class.

  14. I bet there are some Owari da in the comment

  15. You want fact???

    *Enterprise hate Lemons*

  16. Surely Enterprise deserved to be a “Naval Legend” rather than a “Dry dock?” great model though, and stiring music!

  17. The “Grey Ghost” USS Enterprise. This video was posted on the anniversary of the end of WW2.

  18. when are aircraft carriers being added to consoles 🙁

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