Dry Dock: Graf Zepplin

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Today, we’re focusing on a special German Tier VIII Premium aircraft carrier. Graf Zeppelin is a fast aircraft carrier with extensive secondary and dual-purpose artillery. If the project had been carried out as historically planned, the ship would have been equipped with the most powerful propulsion among all ships of the German Navy. However, changes in the priorities of the country’s shipbuilding program prevented the carrier from being finished before the end of World War II.

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  1. How come you nefred it while its a premium? Thats litteraly illegal according to consumer laws

    • @Ricardo Valencia if you play the ship it actually needs buff desperately

    • @ProTrigno if the ship needs buffs then i hope they do so, but really dont go with the spech about dont nerf premius cuz consumer laws… In wot we have serius balance problems with premium and reward tanks just because of that.

    • @Ricardo Valencia that is the idea: graf zeppelin AINT overpowered. even before, it was arguably one of the worst T8 CVs. weak fighters-fighters (not rocket-fighter), slow torps in water, Dive bombs dropping all of over the place in a circle reticule,unlike the oval shape of other dive bombers. not saying keep CVs strong, fuck em.

    • Ricardo Valencia yeah WoT really has gone to shit

  2. overnerfed CV
    Please buff her

  3. Atheistically pleasingly
    Mechanically in game weak

  4. Realy want to have the Junkers Ju 87 back on this ship with the Jericho trumpet sound.

    • Agree at least when drop bomb completely miss still have some joy while dive to bomb lol

    • You would like Ju87 ?
      … buy Erich Loewenhardt (Tier VI). I know this is not pretty cool..
      The better option now (my opinion): – Give Jericho trumpet sound for E. Loewenhardt and Ju87.
      – Remplace Ta152 by Fw190 and with this change model torpedos and bombs for GZ.
      – And why not change the bomber pattern for Ap bomb ^^’
      Maybe with this, remplace Bf110 on A.Perseval for Fw190 A and Ju87.
      However, all Cv need second rework.. Bur this my opinion again.

  5. Now only if this ship wouldnt suck so much after you nerfed it indirectly time and time again,people would actualy buy it

  6. Ah yes, Graf Zeppelin.

    My favorite tier VIII carri…..I mean cruiser.

  7. GZ sales not going well, I see? For a good reason.

  8. Ah yes.
    The light cruiser with a flight deck.

  9. I’m surprised they know how horrible the zeppelin graf bombers are that they don’t put them in the action video (it would have taken a lot of takes to get a good shot out of that attack disaster) this one is missing a rework aircraft carrier so collaterally damaged by nerf from other ships

  10. “We recreate ships accurately…”.
    No no no noooo.

  11. She does better as a cruiser than as a carrier.

  12. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    Is anyone not gonna talk about how they misspelt Zeppelin’s name in the video title

  13. Graf Zeppelin needs a buff to its AP bombers, they are absolutely useless now

  14. Hope that now, after KM CVs have been released, you’ll buff her again to compensate for her slew of nerfs…

  15. Sad CV to play now with all the new CV changes, only reliable source of damage are its torps and secondaries…

  16. The ship is beautiful

    But when will u buff it back in game?

    she is too weak now

  17. Honestly weakest t8 Cv in the Game …paid like 45 euros. Was fun but now with TECHTREE t8 CV being better….not gonna spend any more money on premiums. I don’t want them to be russian bias style OP. It just want it to be at least on par with the damn tech tree ship you can get for free

  18. I believe the midway also had extra plating on the side opposite her tower structure….

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