Dry Dock: Jean Bart | World of Warships

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Today, we’re focusing on the French Tier IX Premium battleship, . Built under the 1935 shipbuilding program, this Richelieu-class battleship was commissioned after World War II. The battleship resisted the Allied landings near Casablanca in 1942, and was badly damaged by airstrikes and artillery fire. The ship was finally completed after the war. She received the most advanced AA artillery available for her time, which significantly enhanced her AA defenses.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    What ships would you like to see in future episodes?:)

  2. One of my favorite ships in Azur Lane

  3. WG: we create ships accurately
    WG: Jean Bart has the best AA of the time
    WG: Jean Bart has decent AA in the game
    me: so which one is it?

    • @heckin fun balls same thing could be said for the mk22

    • @Frosted Cat Kinda moot, since the Iowas and Vanguard never got the mk22s

    • @heckin fun balls even then, their 127mm arent for show. vanguard has improved secondaries compares to KGV. slightly faster RoF, much improved fire control system. plus, they cant be knocked out at the same time, which was the flaw that killed PoW

    • @Frosted Cat And Jean Bart 24 brand new radar guided 100mm AA guns with a much better rate of fire.

      AA tech advanced quite a bit between the end of the war and when Jean Bart was finished, and it shows. She had the best of the best as far as BBs went

    • @heckin fun balls never said they werent good. still, their mediocre engaging range makes them a little worse than their american and british counterparts. why ? because jet aircrafts exist. and no, early jet aircrafts still arent immune to AA guns. they were simply not fast enough

  4. Im currently grinding this ship, 20k coal in. Don’t you dare remove it in the future!

  5. Make a Liveaction version of Naval Legends for Jean Bart just like the Sovetsky Soyuz, that’d be dope as hell!

  6. Too fragile turrets ㅠ_ㅠ

    • I think the ship is balanced as is cause the reload booster kinda even out all the weakness lol.
      wouldnt mind turret armor buff tho. Flamu himself didn’t regard JB as top 10 premium just because the turret is so fragile sometimes it results in a catastrophe.

    • @mohammed sadam you stil have lots AA.

    • @Tawan Pugchunarm That’s very unlikely though, I mean in about 100 games in her, I’ve had 1 turret destroyed once or twice, but never lost both at once.

      The ship’s guns have such high penetration that I regularly knock out other battleship’s turrets though, so fairs-fair I guess.

    • @mohammed sadam Of course it’s got armour. It’s got relatively good internal belt, an almost entirely submerged citadel and a turtle-back, and barely any reason to show broadside, so you’re never going to take citadels in it, so giving it thin external plating is quite fair.
      It’s borderline OP because of her guns.

    • @Ser Garlan Tyrell Yeah ive lost both turrets only once out of dozens of games in her.
      but its still very noticeable compared to other BBs.
      Like I never got a single turret destroyed even once in tech-tree BBs and I had more than 1k games in them.
      problems lies with Yamato class. You cant scratch their turrets at all and they knocked out yours very easily.
      and guess what you face Musashi all the times lol. So I guess Flamu is understandable.

  7. Massachusets: why do you not fire your other gun?

    Jean Bart: ………….

  8. The Pinnacle of French Naval Engineering
    The Last Battleship in Europe

  9. And finally she was converted to razor blades in Japan.

  10. 0:12 – What book is that?

  11. 0:08 smells like Russia in here

  12. *_Everybody gangsta till the “Azur Lane” players start flooding in through the torpedo hole in the citadel_*

  13. Amazing model. Kudos to your team who make these.

  14. One of the largest battleships in terms of tonnage too. Came in 3rd or so behind Yamato class and before Iowa’s.

  15. Decent AA Defense, 99 out of 100 LOL. Try closing in with bombers 🙂

  16. Absolutely love this ship, she is really fun to play.

  17. That’s why she was lose after having firearms against Massachusetts in Azur Lane

    Damn.. But, well done to serve your nation.. Jean Bart

  18. I would like to see the ability to walk the decks (not operate guns or AA or go below deck) of these ships in 1st person while in port (not while in a mission) added to the game. Oh and fight the cook on the USS Missouri – [LOLZ]

  19. Glad there is alot of effort passion and hard work within the designs in the game, that’s why I don’t complain about premium ships, especially Texas (Favorite ship)

  20. I love the way WoW release this vid then the next day tell everyone they’re removing it from the armoury lol

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