Dry Dock. Kaga. History of World of Warships.

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Japanese Tier VIII heavy aircraft carrier Kaga—a ship whose hull was intended for a battleship, but was repurposed as an aircraft carrier mid-construction due to international treaty limitations. After operating with an innovative triple flight deck configuration for several years, the ship would go on to receive a dramatic overhaul. Take a look at the legendary warship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock!

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EU: https://./news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/
NA: https://.com/news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/
ASIA: https://.asia/news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/


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    Read the news on your server:
    EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/
    NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/
    ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/dry-dock-kaga/

    • Not the Tosa class battleship
      It is a Kaga class battleship
      The first ship Kaga was converted to an aircraft carrier
      The second ship Tosa was used as a target ship

    • i have a question for wargaming can you please make something about the people who are reported because they play cv and the make some mistake ? it”s a very little trouble for wargamming i know
      But when you play cv and you are reported because you learn the gamplay of a cv… i dont think that’s normal

    • I just got the update for wow blitz but it won’t go past the title screen I don’t have internet or storage problems so could you please try to fix it it’s a really fun game and I can’t wait to play it again

    • @Derpie Nova for the glory of Canada

    • Oh mines has to be between Hood and Bismarck

  2. Add Shinano with kamikaze rocket planes yes ? XD

    • @B-17G Flying Fortress Makes sense since that would offend people. Ment these planes as a joke.

    • ビッグディックダチ

      Shinano was cut from the later patches

    • @B-17G Flying Fortress then add them to the higher tier CV? You cant say they won’t add them ‘coz war was ending. Some of WG ships were never build, they used blueprints from ships which were to be built after the war
      . IMO not adding the Kamikaze planes is a huge disrespect for Japan.

    • B-17G Flying Fortress

      @Kin How its disrespectful, it’s no different than suicide bomber jokes which usually offends people. I dont wanna see people typing “Allahu Akbar” or “Banzai LOL” after killing someone with Kamikaze

    • @B-17G Flying Fortress Yes I agree with you about that but looks like ppl don’t understand

  3. Kaga, a white floof cv, a big battleship but converted

  4. I see, a lot of 3-4 warriors in this comment section

  5. “We recreate ships accurately” XD Soviet/Russian navy is God tier despite it being destroyed in 1905 never to recover.

    • its called balans

    • @Mr Jay White That could work too, but sometimes, simple is best, right? Buff Improved Secondary Battery Aiming skill from -35% to -50%, keep the extended range, and the fire from both sides, and that should fix a LOT of issues with the secondaries right now!

    • @Sailor Moon i guess as a quick fix. i suspect part of the nurf to secondaries is weegee wanting to encourage the gunboat dd and turn cruisers into the support class of the game. so anything that hurts dd ability to hit bb is going to get resisted by them.

    • @Mr Jay White Yeah, but without secondaries, DDs will just dunk on BBs, Dead Eye or no Dead Eye. I mean, more than they already do. What is the point of pouring all those points into a secondaries build that doesn’t even perform, right?

    • @Sailor Moon the trade off is what i am suggesting. you want to brawl everything at long range, you choose guns that hit and can pen everything at long range, but have lower dpm, you want to punish dd that get too close, choose the shorter range high dpm guns.

      even dd can ‘get dunked on’ by dd if they are caught at the wrong place time and angle.

      it might be “gamey” but having bb secondaries outgunning dd in both range and volume accurate of fire isnt good.

  6. Akagi when, tho? WE WANT AKAGI!!!

  7. We also need Akagi! :O

  8. WG, if you see this, can we have Tosa and Akagi in the game?

  9. 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

  10. Good game, great history. Interesting story.

  11. We still need Akagi you know…

  12. Good,
    Now can we take our Essex and Taiho back with maybe Shinano and Akagi additions please?

    • @Merlin it’s not that they don’t exist, During the First rework they were removed from the tech tree making the cv tech tree to be only made of 4 Carriers. It is speculated that a Second CV line is being made but with subs coming we aren’t sure

    • @Moshisushi ah ok, I thought they were talking about an alternate line but referring to the beginning of the levels, although they could be reclassified as level 6.
      So you mean it will be a special type of aircraft carrier to hunt submarines?

    • @Merlin we are still not sure, We don’t know if Carriers like Zuihou, Independence, or Essex would come back

    • @Moshisushi ok , that is so sad 😔👊

    • @Merlin it is

  13. Kaga, also known as the new-blood-friendly carrier.
    Tier 8 with Tier 7 planes, albeit a hellswarm of them. A quick replacement rate compared to other Tier 8 carriers and the highest reserve aircraft complement at her tier allow her a great margin of error, and a half-skilled commander will likely never have their supply stressed, even if finding themselves -1 tier lower than the majority of other ships in a match. Even with her formidable reserves, it is still wise to keep a respectful distance from certain ships with substantial air defense systems, and strike at less-protected vessels instead.

    -4×2 A6M5 rocket planes with Type 3 incendiary rockets (pay no mind to the A6M5 being developed long after Midway)
    -3×4 B6N2 torpedo planes (pay no mind to the B6N only reaching active service in 1943, long after Midway)
    -3×4 D4Y3 dive bombers with HE bombs (pay no mind to the D4Y3 being a land-based variant, not built for carrier operations)

  14. Apparently, that single smokestack made the living quarters in the vicinity a living hell

    • any sources?

    • @NILS Bachellery Can’t remember exactly where I got the source from, maybe it was a book or a video from somewhere. But it wouldn’t be illogical to conclude that the heat transferring from the pipes through multiple decks would lead to varying degrees of heat buildup on the starboard side of the ship, which would include the starboard side crew quarters.

  15. My very first premium CV, lover her still today!

  16. ジャワ島の侵略って何?

  17. I have this aircraft carrier in the Blitz version. I don’t often use her because Im pretty ill-experienced with the planes and higher tier aircraft carriers are able to shoo them down with ease making it hard to support my teammates.

  18. Kaga- “Justice and righteousness are for the strong only. The weak can only weep in vain.”

  19. Student Patrick Ashleman

    make a achievement called “just right through” fire a shell to go through the middle of a battleship

  20. Whoever disliked the dry dock series are the ships that are forgotten

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