Dry Dock. Kleber. History of World of Warships.

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French Tier X destroyer leader Kléber, a ship with an improved design that was intended to supersede the Mogador-class large destroyers.
Read the news on your favourite server:
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/dry-dock-kleber/
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/dry-dock-kleber/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/dry-dock-kleber/


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  1. i love the guns

  2. Im suprised that the french are actually good in the game and not some laughing stock.

    *Hon hon hon french bias rules the seas*

  3. “Recreate ships accurately according to their historical blue prints.”- WeeGee lied as naturally as they breathed.

  4. I wonder what a French Naval Historian would think about this design and the liberties WG used on it.

    • One year ago, i visited the destroyer Maillé-Brézé the only “modern” ship museum in France and i had a long talk with one the historian who organize visit of the ship. I talk with him about armement, ship’s duty and if WG developers had visited this destroyer. He said yes and the historical performances of the ship in game is very accurate.

  5. the intro of drydock gives me the goosebumps

  6. Ok so how do you fight CVs in it?

  7. 太短了吧?????

  8. Alonso Lopez Moreno

    Spanish warships for when?

  9. Funny because I literally couldn’t find anything on these ships. Just the T 47 class that succeeded the Mogadors in the mid 50’s.

    • 2 ships, one of which was named Kleber, were designed to be the “enhanced Mogador”.
      It’s in the wikipedia article of Mogador-class. Not a separate class, more like “improved version”.

  10. This is what you call history class and smarties

  11. 2:04 Interior?

    • Yes on 3d models. Some ships even have easter eggs inside.
      Like a picture of the Queen in Conqueror or a Statue of Liberty in Galissonniere’s bridge.

  12. Do IJN Harugumo next !

  13. Improve AA, haha funny”

  14. French ship, and still no french translation… good…

  15. Bonus code DONTBEGULLIBLE 👍

  16. When do we get the legendary charles de gaulles? No french cvs to be seen! Please give us that broken french cv!

  17. French destroyers are beautiful, they have some race yachts feeling

  18. Its kinda funny that two Klebers exist in-game: this thing which is touted as the pinnacle of all contre-torpilleurs, and the Marceau

  19. “drastically improving its AA armament” 😂😂😂

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