Dry Dock. Kronshtadt. History of World of Warships.

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Today, we’re putting the spotlight on a Soviet Tier IX cruiser with an extraordinarily long firing range. She’s a large gunship, officially designated as a heavy cruiser, but more of a high-speed “small battleship” in terms of her technical characteristics. Take a look at the warship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website: https://wo.ws/website

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  1. Alex Blazquez Velarde

    “We recreate ships accurately”

    • @FastBullet weird how people keep talking about that armour plate when WG have searched in the German achieve files while Flamu be like I got this from internet

    • On blueprint Kremlin features 200mm superstructure, wonder where that went

    • They recreate the ship’s accurately the way Forza or Gran Turismo recreates the car’s accurately. At the end of the day it’s a game that has to be played and enjoyed by everybody so you have to balance it out you have to be able to go on to the field with a North Carolina or Rodney/Nelson and defeat a Yamato though in real life good luck with that. The ships are made perform accurately enough to give the illusion of the ship’s real strengths and weaknesses but still make it BOP

    • @FastBullet that’s a load of crap btw. There were numerous different armor model proposals.

    • @Robert Stone yes, like the petro

  2. Marcel-Pascal Mauritz

    Project 69? Damn those russians clearly have a good taste :3

  3. A Google User anonymous

    Ok they make a brand new video about a ship that was removed years ago? Wtf?

    • It’s possible they plan on adding it back to the store shortly, I just faced on last night that just wouldnt die.

    • @Zach Rich This^

    • @Zach Rich i mean its russian

    • A Google User anonymous

      @Zach Rich I think super cruisers are just not what they used to be. That is valid for Alaska and Stalin too. It feels like you can’t build properly a commander for them these days. I think WG was wrong when they put all the cruisers under the same basket. These ships have more in common with BBs than other cruisers.

  4. Zane Ashley Villoso

    Ah! I’m so sleep deprived that I’ve heard it as cornstarch. But nice video, wish I get that ship back then.

  5. Last time I was this early, HMS Hood was still around

  6. Counter Kongo and Dunkirk. Yet this ship is placed as a Tire IX “cruiser” rather than a Tier VI battleship or something . . .

    • I mean, the USN created Alaska also for that reason

    • Sad grad Spee noises

    • @Danhvn The Alaska class were just an over glorified Des Moines class both meant to engage and destroy enemy heavy cruisers.

      The Alaska class were no match to those Kongo, Dunquerqe, and Sharnhorst class except in radar and AA department.

    • @Paul Marmol
      “While the primary mission of a cruiser was to escort the US Navy’s new fast carrier task forces and protect them against enemy surface combatants or aircraft, the Alaska’s were not your typical cruisers. With the naval rearmament of the German Kriegsmarine in the 1930s with its small, but potent force of commerce raiders including ships like the Scharnhorst, and the rumored but unconfirmed new battlecruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, there were worries in Washington that the US Navy would not have an answer for these ships, and could be vulnerable. The Alaska’s were the US Navy’s answer to these potential foes.”

  7. “Fight on Her in World of warships.” Ill go grab my time machine and pick one up, Maybe I can get a Jean Bart while i’m at it

    • Yeah, was wondering why on earth WG would release this video now. I mean, I’m all for it, I love my Kronshtadt, but for most of the playerbase, the whole “Play her now in World of Warships” line….um, yeah, okay.

    • You used to be able to get ships like Musashi , Mighty mo and Kron from Christmas containers

  8. “Project 69”
    Mini soyuz had a very nice project number….

  9. Drawing of Russian ship > Anything actually useful

    • Johannes Jørgensen

      Dont try to insinuante anything about kronny. There are 3 OP soviet tier 10’s. Kremlin, Smolensk and Petropavlosk.

  10. Project *69*


  11. Your narrator is good, deep voice, proper pronunciations and inflections. A good accent that adds a lot of interest to these series.

    Good job.

  12. A couple interesting facts about Kronshtadt in WOWS:

    She released alongside Stalingrad, and many considered it to be the baby brother, and there forth was mostly overshadowed by the Stalin, as such many users overlooked it, and even when they announced its removal from purchase, many still chose not to get it, making it a rare site these days

    She was not a direct purchase premium, instead only being offered for Free-Exp, alongside Missouri and Musashi, all of which “only” cost 750k Free-Exp, it wasn’t until Weegee released the Alaska, and Georgia, would T9 “Freemium’s” appear in the premium shop as well as Alaska being the first Freemium to break the 1 million Exp cost.

  13. Can it be perhaps that WG might be bringing her back? Nah.

  14. Good to know about her history and thanks for giving her a new lease on life in the game like the rest that never got completed.


  16. Axel The Skullwolf

    its been 28 days since you released the godzilla vs kong trailer….WHERE ARE MY KAIJU

  17. Admiral Firespammer

    >more of a high-speed “small battleship”
    >30k+ tons
    Dunkerque is a small battleship. This, it’s a full blown treaty battleship.

  18. The background music is “Red September” by Terry Devine King.

  19. As funny as it is with these videos saying “fight on her in world of warships!” about ships people can’t actually get anymore, I’m nonetheless glad they’re still doing Dry Dock episodes about older ships 🙂

  20. “Fight on her in World of Warships”… except you haven’t made the ship available for sale for over 3yrs -_-

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