Dry Dock: Saipan — American aircraft carrier | World of Warships

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Take a look at the American aircraft carrier from an unusual angle!
Today, we’re focusing on an American Tier VIII aircraft carrier based on the Baltimore-class heavy cruiser! The ship was designed in 1943 to make up for war losses, and she was launched 4 years later at the New York Shipbuilding yards. In the mid-1950s, the emergence of jet aircraft forced Saipan to be converted into a command ship. In this capacity, she remained in service for another two decades.
00:00 — Intro. Dry Dock:Saipan — American aircraft carrier
00:30 — History of Saipan
03:15 — Saipan — American Tier VIII aircraft carrier In World Of Warships

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Our artists strive to improve the quality of their work each year, and at the same time, greater expectations are placed on them in relation to the accuracy of the models they create. While the in-game camera isn’t able to highlight every beautiful detail of our ship models, the Dry Dock series is here to do just that! Watch its episodes to enjoy some spectacular views of the immaculate details of various objects that can be found on our ships’ decks.
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  1. Saipan is honestly such a beautiful ship

  2. Saipan is my fav carrier. Both irl and in game
    Change my mind.

  3. Леночка 1943

    Beautiful ship

  4. Incredible

  5. She’s a decent ship. I wish she could have her A1 Skyraiders back. I’m not a fan of the looks of the BTD Destroyer.

  6. I would really love to see Dry Dock episode about Kiev!

  7. Saipan is such an amazing design for a ship

  8. Love the design

  9. I’m still waiting for AZUR LANE to come back

  10. Good carrier, but if you misuse her aircraft you will quickly run out of them.

  11. waterbloxx alternative account

    in wowb her fighter planes are litrally op on such a low tier round

  12. So, when could we see the Essex in world of warships again?

  13. Pickolas Nickolas

    I love the small tower and funnles.

  14. If you guys take requests for new ships I’d like to see the USS Hornet CV-12 my grandpa served on it in WW2 and it’s currently docked in California as a museum and I’d love to use her in battle in world of warships

  15. Saipan only drop 4 bombs in each attack, but at the end of the video it drops 6 bombs.

  16. Nova Alkron the 1st

    can we please have the tiers IV through X again? no skipping tiers. because in both world of warships legends and world of warships blitz they still have all the tiers while as the one on PC does not. please wargaming

  17. Unfortunate not enough planes to sustain as bottom tier. Good at same time tho!

  18. I had Saipan from SCs. She’s a decent ship with powerful Strike Planes if used properly

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