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Today, we’re focusing on a special Premium Tier X ship from the branch of British battleships—Thunderer. The project of the Royal Navy battleship with increased firepower was designed taking into account British shipbuilding experience of the World War II period. The ship is armed with 457 mm main battery guns that were developed in the early 1920s and were the most powerful British naval artillery systems.

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  1. Just think how much fun it must be to learn about all these ships when modeling them and studying the blueprints

    • @Caeric That is WG covering their tracks. I am a bit more than a wiki surfer, I can’t say for sure what is in the archives, but I would trust authors and historians who did visit them. Alan Raven, David Brown and Norman Friedman etc. – They make no mention of such an 18″ design, presumably because 16″ were the priority from the last 3 KGV’s and Lion, and that none of the 18″/45 Mk. II that the 1920/1921 designs L2 and N3 would have been armed with existed in steel. I have been cataloguing the fantasy ships in game, we have seen quite a few recent additions. I have an excel doc listing all paper ships in game that I created from my gleaning of sources, if you would be interested.

    • @Major Midget I would be interested for your excel catalogue too! 🙂

    • @Major Midget Well I meant more that rather than a full on line drawing and design specs there might have been some document inquiring about the feasibility of arming a Lion hull with the L2 guns or some other form of passing mention rather than just it being something they came up with on their own.

    • @Caeric Even that is unlikely since the 18″/45 Mk.II is a gun design from the 1920s that was never constructed. The newer late 1930s and 1940s BB designs all used 14, 15 and 16″ guns of a newer more efficient design. If there was any new 18″ proposed or feasibility studies on an 18″ armed BB, I haven’t seen any evidence of them.

      I am quite confident in saying that WG came up with Conqueror and Thunderer on their own as their take on a Mega-Vanguard. Using the 18″ from the 1920s designs as if the barrels were left over if they had been built. Then constructing an entirely new ship around it.

    • @petros311 You are in luck, have a preview of the list I have compiled (converted from excel for neatness). I’ll be posting it on the forums and reddit some time later.


  2. No one cares that you’re first!

  3. Yes! The narration is a GREAT touch! Keep adding them for future Dry Docks!

  4. Yep I love the Thunderer. Now if we could get a RN BB named Heracles

  5. RN: We need bigger ships with bigger guns!
    UK: Ok.
    Washington Naval Treaty: lol no
    *Germany leaves Washington Naval Treaty*
    RN: We need bigger ships with bigger guns!
    UK: Ah shit, here we go again.

    • @Doug JB i need a source mate. no really, i need it

    • @Doug JB They later had the Anglo-German Naval Agreement with the UK allowing them to construct battleships compliant with the Washington Naval Treaty but only allowed a maximum tonnage of 35% of the total tonnage of the Royal Navy. Of course they blatantly lied claiming that Bismarck was 35k tons of course.. but yeah

    • @Frosted Cat originally it was 10.000ton for battleships under Versailles treaty. the Deuschland class was build under this limitations. When Hitler denounced the treaty he sign a new treaty with British that allowed Germany to have 35% in total the tonnage of the royal navy. the battleship limit was then set like the naval treaty, battleships up to 35.000ton, cruisers up to 10.000ton

    • @StBg 17 yes the new german battleships were limited to 35K ton but the early interwar designs were limited by treaty of Versailles up to 10K

    • @petros311 Ah I forgot about Versailles, cheers for clearing it up 🙂

  6. And she also has access to the most powerfull high explosive shells in the game.

    Because a 63% fire chance per shell is a fun and engaging gameplay mechanic.

  7. Some British functionary:
    Uh, nobody will ever use these blueprints again, they are so outdated.
    WG Modeling team:
    *Hold my Fuso*

  8. SovietAmerican Cat

    Been loving my Thunderer, keep up the great work!

  9. It’s really heart-warming to see your efforts made on in-game ships, keep up the good work!

  10. Fumiko Nakazawa Yūgumu

    Thunderer kinda reminds me of Bismarck because of the Turrets

  11. I would not believe anything Wargaming deems “historically accurate”.

  12. It comes out mid September 2019?!?! Can’t wait!!! Oh…… It’s November you say?? Ah, timely…..

  13. I’m currently stockpiling coal looking forward to getting Thunderer she’s more what I had hoped the British BB line would be like, ships that reward good aim and careful positioning rather than HE spammers

    • Conqueror used to be exactly like Thunderer, with only 457mm Guns. But then they removed the 457mm Guns from Conqueror and added 12 419mm Guns…

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @TheShermanTanker Conqueror never had Thunderer’s accuracy, reload and turret traverse. 457 mm Conqueror was quite different.

  14. Wow, I love the narration!:) So interesting to hear the story behind these ships; those that were not built eventually are even more interesting for me.

  15. omergededon armada

    Bismarck is the best!
    Thunderer : hold my he shells

  16. All hail the HMS LittleWhiteMouse!

  17. I really like how there is narration now about the history fo the ship and some of the information you discovered during the modeling process. I wish there was a Little White Mouse reference! Good stuff Wargaming! Keep it up!

  18. Thunderer is literally just conqueror, except taking away the option to equip 457mm guns, throwing them on a ship looking exactly the same, slapping a price tag on it and calling it a premium.

  19. Its such a shame WG spends so much time getting the models to look nice, then makes the game play so $hit and arcady. Real huge lost opportunity IMO.

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