Dry Dock. Vanguard. History of World of Warships.

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Vanguard was the last battleship.

After the on Pearl Harbor and the loss of part of the Royal Navy, the construction of the Vanguard became the highest priority for shipbuilders.

Its construction at the shipyard, which gave us such ships as the Lusitania, the Queen Elizabeth and the battleship Hood, was blessed by Winston Churchill himself, and Queen Elizabeth II ( was a princess at that time) became the godmother of the ship.

Take a look at the legendary from a non-standard angle in the “Dry Dock”!


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  1. Can’t beat the tea making facilities of vanguard. Lol one of my favs.

  2. Shyamkumar Khangembam

    World od warships

  3. Vanguard needs a superheal….

  4. That’s pretty cool, I just happened to get this ship from a crate about two weeks ago lol

  5. some random albino dude

    lol world OD warships eh… way to spell a 2 letter word wrong

  6. Ah yes, the battleship equivalent of college girl with grandma’s dentures

  7. Navy: Did you finished her?
    RN: Yes
    Navy: So where is she now?

    RN: Erm, Wanna see her in the scrapyard?

  8. She protecc
    She attacc
    Most importantly
    She ended in the scrapp

  9. I see “Vanguard” and read “VIII Hood ’46”

  10. typical british: good mobility, decent protection, fast hitter.

    churchill tank, FV4005, Black Prince, Mosquito, Wyvern, Lancaster, Revenge class and Queen Elizabeth class is an exception

    • the Queen Elizabeth class were among the fastest battleships in existence when they were build. 24-25 knots is no joke for a ship commissioned in 1914

    • The mosquito could easily out run the spitfire when it’s not carrying a bomb load

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  12. “The quality of work done by our artists improves each year, and the requirements for the accuracy of the models they create grow respectively. Unfortunately, the in-game camera doesn’t allow you to see all of their details and beauty, but the Dry Dock show allows you to duly appreciate the immaculate details of the various objects on their decks.”

    How about you fix that in-game camera so we can all appreciate your work at our own leisure.

  13. *Scottish shipbuilders

  14. Oh yeah AA defence is good when it hasn’t been stripped away by HE spam, which is 90% of the time lol

  15. I need “Garage” in World of Tank for review the tank like a Dry Dock

  16. Aww rip they didn’t make it a museum

  17. “History of World od Warships”

  18. I never noticed that the ship has so much history with the royalty. Really cool video.

  19. Can’t really say a ship has good AA because carriers just ignore that coughs* coughs* FDR and overall vanguard is not a good ship in the game

    • Totally agree AA is average at best, maybe WG brain washed themselves again, I like playing her but it’s a ship of attrition, in co ops you’re lucky to get 30-40 main battery hits and in randoms team mates are dead before you get anywhere near 100k damage inflicted.

  20. Most of the time in this video: a man talking while turning the 3D model round and round

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