Dry Dock. Warships Sizes Comparison

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Warships are some of the largest and most complex technical objects in existence. Their monumental appearance and vast guns are enough to impress everyone. To our regret, it’s hard to communicate the sheer scale of these steel giants in the game. In this Dry Dock episode, we compare the sizes of all the Tier X ships released up to Update 0.8.10: from the smallest destroyers to the largest battleships!

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    Conquek with 457’s? What a heresy!

  2. Wow even after all this the Currywurst is still the biggest ship in the game

  3. Enslaved singaporean

    Finally, a size comparison that is reliable in terms of the CGI

  4. Where’s VENEZIA?!

  5. Venezia:”Am I a joke to you?”

  6. That was pretty cool…now do one for all the tiers…

  7. Of course everyone shoots at me, Im a 300 meter long fricking giant longer than everyone Else

    • @Vodka Well i cant disagree with you, there is alot of info about “H” series of Battleships and all of sources that i have red about “H”‘s confrims what you wrote. My bad. Anyway Yamato’s back looks like its wider than GK, but its probably because of narrow shape of Yamatos bow.

    • @Papaver Somniferum to be fair they’re both wide as hell so they’re both really easy to hit, GKs just marginally wider

    • SovetskySkaiya /Strigon1

      Nitrodanni123 I love Soviet BB’s

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      It sucks how
      GK is actually bigger than H-42 – which is 305m long, but GK only has the armaments of H-41 which are the 420mm guns. H-42 was armed with 4×2 480mm 52caliber guns.
      The fact that we now have Yashima in wows, and that GK is literally bigger than H-42 yet doesn’t have 480mm guns is bs.

      Now all the peeps saying GK is between H-41 and H-39 can shut hell up! Cause clearly FDG is H-39 at around 277m with the rebored 420mm guns that were meant for H-41!

    • And that mean you are also a free damage farm point for everyone

  8. Not that wargaming listen but it would be fun to have the ships in a division parked next to each there in the port after your team picks them before starting a mission

  9. How about a comparison for ships that actually existed (launched and commissioned during WW2)? It’s beyond awkward to see the Yamato dwarfed by the plethora of paper designs filling the current tier X line-up, forget in-game tiers and display the most powerful units that actually sailed in those times for each navy.

    • @Boyan Rushkov


      Großer Kurfürst is loosely based on H42 .
      H44 would be even bigger by far and the H-class only went to H44

    • @Yellowstone The Pony witch is good also tht so not true most ships in wows existed only the top tiers it’s more prevalent

    • @Vladimir Efimov all of the Iowa’s proved themselves in Battle on more then one occasion ..

    • @barney rice True, but they all looked fairly similar to each other (at least in the 40s) and WG only modeled 2 of them so far (Iowa and Missouri). Either one of them would fit in better than the “would have been” Montana. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the Montana, but it lacks that special “vibe” I get from playing a historically significant ship that I read about since I was a teenager.

    • she would still be dwarfed by Midway

  10. Harugumo, Smolensk, Colbert, Minotaur, and Worcester.

    AKA, “The Bastards”

  11. Stalingrad is as big as Yamato and its called Cruiser?

    Grosser Kurfurst is bigger than Kremlin by a lot yet Kremlin have more HP?

    Btw nice video

    • The more HP = gets more fire damage. does it matter? kremlin is resistant to HE (applies to DDs and CRs) and AP pens lol, u need to rely on fires and floodings against kremlin which is Kremlin’s and all RU BBs weakness. limited DCP is really unhelpful at late games and plus less heal charges than all other BBs (except UK). Kremlin is ineffective at 15KM and above, though german BBs performs worse. If you are into bias beliefs, then Kremlin is really bias but if you are the thinking man, Kremlin is balans comrade

    • Cruiser is defined by the guns and armor. She’s carrying 12 inch guns not 18.1 and also lacks anything as thick as Yamato’s belt or turret faces

    • @JohnnyCacao Wikipedia. HP is related to weight so you can infer based on HP pool

    • Actually Kremlin will Shipwreck because it is too heavy.

    • @armorhide406 shchanhorst have smaller gun, smaller HP…. Also in term of balance look at other T10 tech tree CA!

  12. Kremlin: 292 meters long, 13.3km concealment
    Poor old montana: 275 meters long 14.5 km concealment gg wg theres no bias

    • @Iron Priest if u would have read my first comment, i said armor is great.
      Pen is also great but dispersion is trollish. I dont like it.
      Repair party isnt broken. If u burn u burn. If u Repair every fire ur out of it fast.
      Concealment is good but for what? U want to tank and help ur cruiser and dont be stealthy. Also if u shoot u have 20km concealment so…
      Kutznetzov is broken, but its not the ship.
      The AA thing, i mentiont it enough.

    • Kremlin lacks of many consumables and her AA mounts got badly nerfed

    • People arguing Montana is taller,….as if WG didn’t have total control to make Kremlin taller or not, the concealment is designed. Keeping drinking that Vodka.

    • SovetskySkaiya /Strigon1

      water water water it’s Communist ship what you expect OFC there would be more armor

    • I mean Yamato should be a the lowest concealment teir X BB as she was smaller compare to those other teir X BBs

  13. should’ve added tier 1 cruiser or tier 3 battleship at the end for shock value

  14. That moment when you realize Yamato is the smallest battleship ……

  15. Stalingrad is like: cRuiSer

  16. Podchong Juntarasiri

    Yamato: ”Am I a joke to you?”

    the other nation’s super BB (in imagination) are larger than her. lol.

  17. Most of these ships never even existed.

  18. Hey look, the Ocean map was actually good for something this time.

  19. I was all like, “Cool, Montana!” then all the other ships longer than Montana show up, and my jaw inches lower to the floor.

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