Dry Dock: Yamato | World of Warships

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Today, we’re focusing on a Tier X ship from the Japanese battleship branch, and one of the most famous warships in the world—Yamato. Even those people who are unfamiliar with the details of her sea battles have heard about this ship; her monumental appearance and the fact that she has the largest guns in naval history attract a lot of attention! Take a look at the legendary warship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Which ships do you want to see in future episodes?:)

  2. We need a Dry Dock episode about the Montana

  3. The Legend Yamato comes back another One time!

  4. Imagine a planet where battleships still existed as navy’s pride

  5. Please add the feature to walk around ship in dock…

  6. the greatest, the biggest, the gorgeous, the most beautiful Battleship and yet the most shy (or tsun-tsun) Battleship in the World

  7. Ah, the Yamato. She is so pretty and majestic! If she had survived the war, it would be a musemum ship that I want to visit.

  8. you can say what you will about the dev’s but the ship models are all f*cking exceptional.

    • So then you really have to say “damn, these dev’s a f*cking exception dev’s” yes? ;~)

    • @Ted Cameron something like that, yes indeed.

    • WoWS was the only game that I felt that the cost for some of those premiums were actually worth it knowing the world that would have to go into each one of those models and the costs involved. Shame they drove me off the game when they released the french cruiser line and the P2W that was the Gal vs Grasse

  9. Beautifully detailed model I still love admiring her in port

  10. Yamato: The Most Classified ship During Its time

    Also Yamato: The Most Famous Battleship In the world,

  11. “We recreate ships accurately according to their original blueprints… ”


  12. When will Yamato come in WOWs: Legends? The US got Iowa at tier 7. I think that a Yamato vs Iowa duel in WOWs: Legends will be legendary……

  13. Love to see Mikasa, Aurora, and some of the WOWS US tour ships. Good Job.

  14. Bring back Musashi please!!!! Its my favorite ship!

  15. Ahem
    Uchuu Senkan

  16. I love your game plus if you don’t mind can you uss Utah and uss Oklahoma the battle ship

  17. So we‘re officialy getting into the ship porn territory now?

  18. Everyone: Ugh I have to get out of bed and work

    Yamato: *I’mma just stay asleep*

  19. I noticed that this model has the 2 *Diagonal* lines on the stern, the orange ones, when compared to the actual in game Yamato which has the Musashi’s straight, red lines. Was that because of the polygon count problem?

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