Dry Dock: Z-35 — German destroyer In World Of Warships

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Take a look at this German Premium destroyer from a fresh angle!
Today, we’re focusing on Z-35—she’s one of three Kriegsmarine Zerstörer 1936B-class destroyers that were designed for operations in the Baltic Sea. Take a look at this ship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock!
00:00 — Intro. Dry dock | World of Warships
00:30 — History of destroyer Z-35
02:30 — Z-35 — German promo premium Tier VIII destroyer In World Of Warships
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  1. Sunk by their own mines… Bad Omen. Bad Times.

  2. Weren’t they 128mm guns?

  3. Those are new waters graphics i say

  4. The “idol” of the fleet–

    Wait, wrong game…

  5. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    Z-25 still accomplished more than the Russian Naval Legends ship.

    • @Pepege … and yes it never sail , grown up if soviets was naval power they would end ship , but they did not done that cause soviet union was a piece of shit …

    • @Cookie Supervisor do you know, Soviet’s big naval port were separated far from each other and are located on the cold North? So even if they want to, they could not build many ships?

      Also here’s a fun fact: At tier 9 and 10 Soviet has more real ships compare to German.
      But sure keep bashing “hurr durr Soviet no navy”

    • And at tier 8 the Soviet has Chapaev, Kutuzov, Kiev, Ognevoi, Tallinn (somewhat) so 4.5 ships
      While German has Bis/Tirp, Hipp/Eugen, Z23 and Z35 so 6 ships in which 2 are copy pasted.

    • @Pepege You mean soviet crappy destroyers that needed thug boats to move around ? , face it soviet union was shit that is reason why it fall …

    • @Cookie Supervisor sorry? We are talking about their navy in the war? What does that has anything to do with Soviet Union collapsing because of economy after the war?

  6. Dat water graphic :0

  7. can you WoWs team please make Dry Dock Tirpitz? it has been many years since her/ hes intro was made.

  8. 1:36 it is a done deal

  9. What is the Music Soundtrack? 0:30

  10. the legendary German Z dds areback

  11. underrated ship

  12. what’s the next class of ship do we not need ? mine-layers?

  13. Vietnamese players a lot, we want to have Vietnamese language in the game

  14. Other Nation Destroyer : we Use thicker Armour as shield

  15. When the anime adpatation of z35 goes online (aka Azur lane)

  16. Submarine scared minefields

  17. Can she lay mines into the water?

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