Duguay-Trouin Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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replay of the Duguay-Trouin, the tier 3 French Cruiser in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on XBox 1 and PS4. French cruiser tips, trick, tactics and strategy on the Ring in a Duguay-Trouin.


  1. Zhe Britanskiy ananas

    great vid. I’m still having trouble learning how the French play, but hopefully ill get it down.

  2. I ground through the Doogie Howser yesterday. I thought it was a pretty solid ship, I had a couple 90k games with it. The tier 4 was kinda meh. I ground through that. The 5 (Emile) was complete crap and I played a few games then free xp’d through it. I don’t have it upgraded but the 6 is ok. It’s like a slightly better York. But I’m worried that the french line is just a crappy version of the German line. Jury is still out for me.

    • German HE is basically worthless, this HE seems to be pretty solid so far. I’m not too far up the line yet, do we’ll see

    • @Tbull I had a game in the T4 that I started 14 fires. But if I wanted to play an HE ship I would just play Japanese. I was probably misrepresenting my point. I was just trying to say that so far they just don’t feel like they have a place. Once you hit tier 5 you slow down to 31 kts. and none of them get the firing speed boost. So you have a cool speed boost, that does last for 3 mins. If you used them back to back to back, on cool down with the legendary perk you could use 9 mins of speed boost, but I’m more apt to save that till when I need it rather than be stuck at 31 knots on a cool down. I suppose I was just hoping for something with flare. Not OP, but something with a reason to play it over the mogami/baltimore. Thanks for the vids dude. I appreciate what you do for the community and the enjoyment you also get out of it.

  3. Great vid Tbull, maybe the line will be easier at higher tiers?

  4. This ship for me was sort of weak. I Xped by it. Also in these ships if u take rounds from a bb at any range u will explode. I also got my steering knocked out multiple times last night. Perhaps a characteristic of the French line. I’ll be grinding the tier 4 today

  5. Yo i like the french cc line so far aiming really decent got limo and yama and scotty whit it so nice stuff? and there DD killer He is simply perfect

  6. Glass cannon. Exactly. Curious if any can compete with degrasse

  7. Didn’t like it
    It has some serious trops power but the armor is very weak. I cant get close enough to use them properly.

  8. Please do a vid on the vanguard buff ! 🙂

  9. So speed range and keeping on the move is how to play the French Cruisers ?

  10. It could almost be the name of a generic rap single: Dougie-T Feat. Lemonhead.

  11. GJ
    Always Be Kiting.

  12. With a simple commander pack i obtained Robert Jaujard wich gives mor AP penetration % 4 BB ?

  13. So far the French cruisers are fragile & not a beginners line. Tier4 cruiser is a lot of fun.

  14. Bet wg will give buff to gun reload and turn speed

  15. TBull please answer do you think the Iowa is a good ship? And which top tier battleship is the best?

    • Yeah it’s good. I like the amagi more but if you polled everyone who plays tier 7 battleships the majority would probably prefer the Iowa more

  16. Your first impression was terrible, you didn’t even sound French. Lol. Good vid, nice teachable moment. Luckily that guy couldn’t aim. Looking forward to your commanders breakdown, even though I only have the French Dewey.

  17. On a side note; any idea on how the emblems work/unlock?
    Love your presentation – it is almost like a post op debriefing.

  18. I’ll give you a Like as always Tbull, even though you’ve turned French 😛

  19. I’m still in the Friant…my son worked his Konig into a Bayern last night, and I didn’t get much chance to play lower tiers…

    I did get my highest damage game in the Warspite though…?

    We lost…??

  20. GG and cheers for the review. Have not started the French lines Yet. I don’t get much time so I still play BBs only so good to get the dope on the enemy. I noticed wg are putting the odd insig in free boxes. For good reason I think. With so many commanders it is not easy to get the ones you want to that level 12/13. Peas love and French fries Johnny Bloke.

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