Duke of York Review | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox

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Gameplay review and commander build for the British Battleship Duke of York in World of Warships Legends (WoWS Legends) available on PlayStation and XBox.


  1. first.
    playstation: Terminator-Panic

  2. Was in a match against you when you were testing this thing. People sure do love to shoot you lol.

    Xbox – kaisermojo

  3. I’m on Ps4: “MAXIOS-MB” that’s me :p

  4. That is great to hear, happy to help!

  5. PlayStation / HakimEdits

  6. Your channel has definitely helped improve my game, keep up the awesome content. Xbox- Mrburns0922

  7. PlayStation
    ID: ShadowVirine

  8. Would love a Ragnarok or Cheshire video. Love the videos! PSN, detriotswat

  9. I was expecting a yell when that first DD was nuked haha

  10. One of the best WoWL comments I’ve ever read

  11. Henning Jørgensen

    Thanks for the review.
    SoupMaster000 on ps4

  12. Xbox: TACOA123, aaaaatlaaaaaaaaaantaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Appreciate the reviews and education has helped me a lot the past few months

    Xbox – JoeyG06

  14. Psn: Mango_Factory

  15. Playstation-

  16. Thanks for sparing our ears this time, but “gonna make you gone” was still pretty slick ;D

  17. “King Goerge the 5” daaaamn, why can no Legends CCs pronounce historical names correctly, like none of them. Please tell me that was intentional.

  18. GT: almighty lou system: Xbox thanks for the chance

  19. Big fan of these ship review videos. Thanks for always being timely with them, although I’d probably get this ship anyway, just for the history. I’d leave my Xbox gamertag here, but honestly you should just give the dinglehopper to Mr. Knight (top comment, 24 upvotes as of this writing).

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