Dunkerque Battleship | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay replay review of the Dunkerque, the tier 5 premium MN French Battleship in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on Xbox 1 and PS4. French battleship tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in a Dunkerque.


  1. This ship looks good. I like the turret arrangement. Looks way better than mutsu. Secondary builds are dumb. I’m with u on that one. I try to avoid problematic situations as well, lol.

  2. once got a 7k games in the t2 British cruiser

  3. Bismarck review ?

  4. I think the ship lacks caliber. But aside that, its a great ship! Try using HE more often I think. Im grinding with the Normandie now, and it is way worse than Dunkerque. Cause Normandie has no good HE and neighter AP. But maybe with a BB commander, the french line can shine. Im really looking for Richelieu and Jean Bart!!!

  5. there’s a bike on the rear end of the tier v french cruiser stowed on a bench near the turret

  6. It is a good ship for tier5

  7. Will buy, but won’t play until I get Jaujard.

    After your games in it so far, do you think it was necessary for WG to add 2 seconds to the reload and take 1km off the secondary range?

    • Not a du fornet fan? ?

      Tough to say. Still has a relatively quick reload, but I haven’t noticed it really being a an issue

    • @Tbull On the contrary, his facial grooming is rather impressive!

      Jaujard does have the “Megalomania” skill which cuts down reload quite significantly, but you’d have to choose it over further reducing the dispersion with “Marksman”. Not sure how that would play out.

  8. I have played the french BBs up to tier 8 (Richelou) on PC. What i have found is that they have fairly high dpm, good speed (excellent speed with speedboost) and unconsistent guns.

  9. you can effective front ships with a caliber less than 380mm from the front

  10. Video ? nice ship ? but not my cup of tea ??

  11. Tier V getting crowded with premiums?!

  12. If you are a collector, you can buy it but if you want to play as normal ship and turn in a match beware!
    Thank you for the vid Tbull and the fair analysis

  13. ? yeah that’s probably why

  14. Player: spots a battleship
    :Instantly turns broadside and stays that way
    1:35 lol ?

  15. There’s not a TON of mention of these 2 ships in the literature, but they’re nearly always referred to as “battlecruisers”, or “small battleships”…

    They were a response to the Graf Spee class, and the Scharnhorst class were a response to them…

    13inch guns are a bit small at tier 5, but you can bow tank and keep 100% of your main battery on target, so…hmm…

  16. Are these French cruisers buffed or something? Hit a lot of them broad side and seems to hardly do any damage at all

    • They are very lightly armored, so they are subject to the shells over-penetrating and doing very little damage. You could consider using HE shells against them when they are fully broadside

  17. the 3rd game I played with this ship both turrets were destroyed early in game lol.

  18. Dunkerque plays the same as the Richelieu , but the Richelieu gets a speed booster so it should be a an interesting tier 7 BB

  19. Let’s hear it for PropMod. 🙂

  20. When players go chasing after one ship to the edge of the map, I call it ‘arty hunting’. They are taking themselves out of the game for minimal return, maybe 1 kill.

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