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Played a game with some friends in the buffed Dunkerque, reload went from 28 to 26 seconds. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI French Battleship Dunkerque Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. It’s the Dunkerque!!! My boo!!!

  2. the Dunkerque should have the reload booster

    • it will be on Dunk’s sister ship, Strasbourg at t7. Well atleast I could hope.

    • I don’t know about it having a reload booster. That may be too powerful for a tier 6 or even a tier 7 ship. The consumable that I would like to see her get is the French BB speed boost. While useful, it seems less likely to make a ship OP, since it doesn’t actually cause it to do any more damage.

    • +crucisnh Premium French BBs are all glass canons so I think they deserve it !!

    • no, that to strong for t6

  3. PEF needs this reload.

  4. That’s because all teams you play on expect the dd’s to cap right off the bat or they just complain about all through the match

  5. Well, the buffs seams good, but can we get a replay with no division? Most of the players doesn’t play in divisions. Let’s just see how much we will struggle with no guaranteed back up.

  6. Hey when is the Hood review coming out? I’d love to hear your opinion, mine is that the delayed fuse actually hurt Hood.

  7. Should i get the Kii now that it is on sell ? How much rof and torp buff affected her?

  8. I feel like even before the buff the DQ fell into the meta at some point and is much better than it used to be. It might be the high velocity shells or the higher relevance of bow tanking. Not really sure. The last few months that ship feels better. The buff is just the cherry on top.

  9. I like how your allied Dunks took forever to kill that CV, like you did 3/4 of his HP in 1 shot and sunk an akizuki in the time it took them to get 1 decent salvo on the CV lmao.

  10. Wait does that mean Jean Bart was buffed as well? Since its the same ship pretty much

  11. In the spirit of constructive criticism, about the only thing you might have done better is use the total health pool of your division more effectively.
    Ideally you don’t end up with you having to rely on luck to live while both your div mates have >50% health. To be fair, if you played like you usually do you probably didn’t give them much of a chance to get ahead and soak some damage.
    Yeah, I’m being picky, lol. Great game. Even bottom tier ships in a voice com div are a real threat with the abilities to concentrate fire and also share AA. Having said that, you were technically bottom tier but didn’t have any tier 8 BBs to deal with and the only tier 7 was the Colobado which, while somewhat improved, I will assume is still pretty crap (was a truly terrible ship early in the game).
    Doing a commentary on the hotfix WG has announced?

  12. to bad im not going to waste my money on premium ships so long as CVs are how they are spending money only for it to be useless

  13. those red pens dealing 0 dmg are a bugger… u get so manny when u are in a BB even shooting cruisers…

  14. I love the Dunk!

  15. That moment when the video is L3:37 minutes long 😛

  16. RootinTootinVladamirPutin is a hilarious username.

  17. WOW, ITS GREAT!…..if the carrier on the other team are morons…….how about a real review with real carrier players?????? neg for you sell out.

  18. What do you think of WG’s announced intentions to move Cesare to Tier 6?

  19. You can stop the enemy team from accumulating points for that cap by just contesting it. So while your dd had no chance of capturing it, if he hid behind the island at least he may have been giving the team time to catchup on points.

  20. watched half of video. It’s just a random match, not an actual talk about the buff.

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