Dunkerque / “By Sigma’s blessing”

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is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out at worldofwarships.

Want to see me playing live?


  1. I can’t wait for the RN BB line

  2. With all the secondary batteries in back do ya have to do a Sir Robin
    and “Run Away” from destroyers and then lose use of your mains? Did you
    have any games where the secondarys did do much damage?

  3. Go on Jedi!
    Call her the Dunker Queue!
    You know you want to!

  4. Have you considered grinding arty to make you sleep?

  5. I thought the Warspites dispersion was excellent when I first got her. Like
    I’d get consistently tight groupings. So I thought it was because of good
    sigma values…but nowadays I play the Warspite and it’s terribly
    inconsistent. I’ve not read of any nerfs to her accuracy but I’m almost
    sure of it…. Can anyone else relate with that?

  6. Hope you get on top of your insomnia soon Jedi. I work lots of night shifts
    and I know what it’s like to not be able to sleep! Thanks for the vid.

  7. 26s reload is what I would like to see buffed on Dunkerque as well. 28s is
    nothing compared to the 30s on the 14-in guns. Almost-fewest guns (tied
    with Warspite) with lowest caliber (thus lowest damage per shell) and
    almost negligible reload improvement is just wrong.


  9. Here’s the thing…from what I understand of the real ship WG as has
    actually done a pretty good job of modelling it’s virtues and faults.
    However, while the secondary turrets were kind of clunky, the main turrets
    were actually considered two turrets each and were subdivided to minimize
    the whole thing being knocked out. So yeah…more turret health would be a
    good way of modelling this.

  10. Interesting also that you bring up divisioning up with a “Cleveland.” I was
    thinking that a division of this ship, a “Cleveland” and an “Aoba” would
    cover all your options.

  11. I thought sigma was smaller number=better stat…so higher number means
    better sigma value then?

  12. It’s bound to get some major buffs. I and many others have been hammering
    WGing on Facebook telling people not to buy this. They are going to feel it
    in the pocketsesss. They hate hobits and not having money.

  13. Thanks for the info! Do you know when the Dunk will be on sale?

  14. Jedi, you can do as many videos about wows, wot, hello kitty or whatever
    you want. you are a genuinely entertaining, no matter what the subject is.

  15. making this ship more competitive would be good…even though I never got
    to actually test it most ppl who did have the same opinion as you.

  16. I don’t really wanna go there but from real life POV higher muzzle velocity
    meant higher dispersion and lower to better more accurate shots at cost of
    shell travel time. Meaning the lowe muzzle velocity of Warspite vs Dunkeks
    high makes sense that Dunkek has worse sigma.

  17. Needs a “wave motion gun” I feel.

  18. What I can’t understand is why the Schanhorst with its 2.0 sigma has so
    much worse accuracy then the Dunkerque with a 1.7 sigma because with the
    Scharnhorst I have a massive issue with shells either flying high or low
    when firing at targets at short range.

  19. 16:40 Did you really just extinguish 0.1 seconds of fire there? …

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