Dunkerque – World of Warships – The french Kraken

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Player: LittleWhiteMouse_PA
Map: Strait

Dunkerque, 6 160,000 done

Two-Cap Domination — enemy team abandons the north and lets him snipe at long range all game. This is where the Dunkerque feels most at home. Note, as a pre-release ship, she doesnt earn awards. So even with 5+ kills, she wont receive a Release the Kraken, never mind medals like Devastating Strike or High Caliber.

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  1. thats 1 sexy ship

  2. Heh best gameplay of the Dunkerque I’ve seen so far!
    Might make more people to buy it when majority of reviews were rather
    negative so far.
    I guess I will grab Scharnhorst primarily. Need some German premium ship
    and Tirpitz costs more that I want to throw at single ship.

  3. Odd to see only the end of the second turret’s guns.
    Also strange that it can kill other BBs relatively fast while sometimes
    having problems with cruisers. Enemy should have circled this ship.

    And my last comment is that although they did win, staying so much back in
    the first 5minutes did actually contribute a lot to the others being
    massacred (by not drawing some of enemy attention away from them).
    Definitely a war court attendance in real life, and not too fair in the
    game either…

    Thanks for the video.

  4. When u get this ship? A french ship, weak in all areas besides speed
    backwards… says Like wargaming French historical tactics! ;p

  5. Wildsauce “Wildsauce123” Gaming

    Also what server do u play on

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