Dutch Cruisers: Branch Review | World of Warships

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New Dutch cruisers: everything you need to know to play victoriously.
Dutch Tier I–X cruisers are now available for all players to research.

00:00 – History of the development of the Dutch cruisers
01:05 – Main battery guns
02:35 – Concealment
02:55 – Good maneuverability
03:10 – Armor
04:00 – Airstrike
04:50 – Defensive AA Fire consumable and Hydroacoustic Search
05:15 – Commander skills
05:25 – Upgrades
06:40 – Combat tactics

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  1. The Japan CVBB should have plates work like this

  2. When is the incomparable coming?

  3. Dutch cruisers: Wargambling’s answer to players camping behind islands.

  4. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    After hearing all the characteristics of these cruisers I wonder… Why do even bother?
    Also, that thing of the “Air Strike”… What? Why? How?

  5. Why is that Airstrike Consumable on “4” Censored at 3:39 but not at other Scenes in the Video?

  6. I came looking for spices
    And I colorized Indonesia

  7. Tiers 9 and 10 have to get up close to engage, but “It is a good thing tiers 3 – 7 come with Spotters” LOL 2:10

  8. I am totally going to listen to the advice of the guys who don’t even know their game lul

  9. Looks like a fun line. Glad to see them being added 🙂

  10. Well, at least these are tech tree ships. Let’s hope they stop adding premium ship in every update. Maybe they should take a break from making ships and working on Bug fixes, adding new game modes, scenario battles, and improving convoys (put subs in it and have them no know where the convoy will go) this would be a true assymetric battle (sub vs destroy/CL).

  11. 3 Point skill, “Focus Fire Training” on Battleships is not Working.
    It is not Increasing the Priority AA sector as it should when I take that skill.

  12. When are these available for wow legends?

  13. So most important, airstrike.
    A rather wide side, but to be fair, targeted bombing wasn’t really accurate in WWII anyway. So yeah, I can see the use of this.

  14. The Airstrike is an own weapontype not a consumable, right? WG compared it with torpedolaunchers as an own weapontype. Every weapontype like mainbattery, secondary battery and torpedolaunchers can be take out temporary or get permanently dedtroyed. Except airstrikes. In my opinion it should be possible to destroy temporary and permanently the ability for dutch cruisers to launch this airstrikes.

  15. It would be good if the matchmaking actually worked

  16. Nope nope nope don’t care don’t care all I care about this game just fix it

  17. I like DeRuyter and De Zeven Provizen, good light cruisers with a Dutch twist.

  18. Ah yes, 1:30 reload but only 4k damage.

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