Dutch Navy Up The Middle – World of Warships

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#worldofwarships #wows #flambass #funny
2 Brothers map, we muster all the Dutch navy ships we can and send them through the middle. First ship to reach enemy cap wins the match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @mr_bojingles5891

    Don’t let WG see this. They will use it for marketing showing how good AA is.

  2. im so glad that youre doing more of these. Sooooo glad. thanks Flambino, and thanks to Ms Flambass for taking care of you so we get to laugh at your warships misfortunes online

  3. in the first match i got stuck on that left hand turn in middle, that was a fun thing. expecially in a T8 ships infront of T10’s and drop planes xD

  4. @connorwilkinson2196

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  5. Despite WGs best efforts the game can still be fun.

  6. That was funny. LOL

  7. See what you’ve created!

  8. @guntherultraboltnovacrunch5248

    Few things better than seeing “up the middle” on one of Flambino’s videos to start my day.

  9. @Foxtrot_UniformCharlieKilo

    I’m surprised no one took edendrack. With max aa build and proxi sector thing has like 1080 dps on its aa guns for like 7 seconds on a 10 something second cool down

  10. NO MOD, spread out leaves the chances of a better fight. Time is the key to being spread out.

  11. You said: ALL IN THE MIDDLE, but the other team was just waiting for u at their base

  12. that was glorius

  13. I totally forgot that the goal was to reach the enemy cap, not KILL SEM ALL! else i wouldve rushed to the cap at the end and not slow down (i was the tromp)

  14. @theredelephant428

    Schleif and GK secondaries only

  15. @craigalexander966

    That looked fun but even one GL causes my game to crash 😅

  16. I blame Trenlass for the loss.

  17. @markmorganti2014

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  18. @albertocavallin9460

    😂 more than WoWs it looked like Empire at War! Priceless

  19. @michaelreedx6823

    so the planes go invulnerable after they drop but the AA is still set to target them?

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