Eagle Eyes – World of Warships

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Here’s a something a little bit different. Don’t blame me for it, it was Trilomar’s idea and I obliged him…after a while so I really did try xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. From one Flambass vid to another!

  2. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    08:00min., please have a stream 10fold a piece of any thing….starting with gold leaf.

  3. The start of the video was hilarious, thank you editor guy.

    Have a great day.

  4. NEVER “Try looking at the sun.” It can blind you and will damage your eyes. Normally, you would expect that people would be smart enough to figure that out. but, now days, People do stupid things like eating Tide Pods, So you just can’t say certain things. 🤣🤣

    • @ainumahtar How about you you try and google: “has anyone went blind looking at the Sun?” Instead of embarrassing your self.
      The “medical advice” is still the same. Just don’t do it.

    • @Bonde7280 Maybe realizing that people don’t have a well defined length of time associated with a “peak”, would help you understand the folly of your conclusion. You could be responsible for people damaging their eyesight. Now tell me how that is an exaggeration?
      People like you trying to be MORE correct when it serves no real purpose other than to make you look good are part of the problem. A simple change would make his statement correct… Partially blind.

    • @Nonderyon “Partially blind” would be more accurate.

    • @gecsus Maybe. Just Maybe. Since medical peer reviewed articles states that its an exaggeration. Then maybe it actually is an exaggeration?
      And who are you to dictate i shouldn’t say things that are factual and true?

    • @Bonde7280 Who said you shouldn’t say things? I indicated that you should be aware of the consequences of what you say and maybe not be so self aggrandizing.

  5. Still a 2500 credits lost, so at least economically they are in a fine state = we won´t see them often, potatoes won´t be able to afford them regularly. On the other hand, Unicum superCVs will once more be the ones who will decide the game, the loop has finished

  6. Just for the record, LASIK was nowhere near as bad as what he’s described here. I was a candidate for both and sounds like I chose correctly. I worked with a guy that did it the same day as me that looked like they popped every blood vessel in his eyes for a few days and he looked terrifying but mine was perfectly fine.

    • I agree, I had Lasik about 15 years ago and after a couple of days of eyes feeling ‘gritty’ everything was fine. Still have 2012 vision now; I see clearly at 20 units of distance what ‘an average person’ sees clearly at 12 units.

    • i got lasik about 3 years ago from Dr.Omar Awad and it was an extremely fast procedure. everything they used to operate on my eye was some form of laser, other than that horrible tool that holds your eyelids open. also, i just got numbing drops for my eye instead of anesthesia, and i could see within 5 hours after operation.

  7. David Chrysostom

    Should be re-titled:

    “Flambass casually discusses the minutia of eye surgery and recovery while giving the enemy team an involuntary and un-anesthetized colonoscopy”

  8. Hey flambass i realy realy Love your Videos from world of warships. This new Format ist absolutly insane! I try looked all Videos in YouTube If i Had time! Have an nice day greetings from Germany 😊

  9. 5min, 100k without the need to endanger yourself, balanced CVs are balanced.

  10. Tbh you could have dropped those last torps slightly closer and you probably could have gotten that kill.

  11. oh yes, the challenging CV gameplay which demands skill and concentration at the highest level! ggwp dude

  12. last ennemy ships alive: a CV and a sub… that must be a sign

  13. “Try looking at the sun”, and that’s how you end up needing eye surgery 😀

  14. Flambass getting 2600 BXP while chatting about eye surgery. Almost forgot why I was watching.

  15. PRK recovery is definitely fun. The procedure doesn’t really feel real until the smell hits you and the first two weeks felt like looking through a fish tank that’s vibrating. The next six months were very light sensitive. Still no need for corrective glasses 15 years later. 👊🏻

    • Got prk in 2020 in the army. Best decision I’ve ever made no matter how much I got chewed out for missing trining because of it.

    • @Lancejack Sage same here, once healed much less infection or complication risk in austere environments over Lasic. Absolutely worth it.

  16. Multiple ships on this flank and mostly just Flambass in the Eagle and the poor Yammy trying to survive. Outnumbered and STILL – any ship that was targeted was decimated. Hope you all enjoy this one.

  17. Bloody embarrassing, isn’t it? CVs were broken in beta, broken on release, and remain so. Hs any other class soaked up so many resources, generated so much disgust and anger, and managed to remain consistently shit??
    Should give everyone loads of confidence about subs.

  18. I never though learning about eye surgery could make me feel I’m such a lousy player…

  19. Enemy team chat must have been raging at the Balao. No one between him and Flambass and Flambass goes and sinks 4 ships while the sub can barely get a torpedo hit

  20. … and often the drop itself is like 50-100 bucks. Depending on how much that bottle was. I once used a bottle that had about 10 drops in it that costed 1,000 buck and my insurance paid about 800 of it.

    geez… not one teammate is willing to chase the sub.

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