Early game battleships positioning | World of warships

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  1. 24 views 7 likes, that’s what I call quality content

  2. Hippity hoppity your child is our property

    so in otherwords

    Big boat go boom

  3. Random tip, “Bayern” is pronounced more like “Buy-ern”.

  4. well done!!

  5. Again a very good and informative video. You highlighten one thing I have always trouble when playing BBs but was not aware of: you have to plan much more ahead in a BB. When you said this, it became clear to me! It is my big weakness and I will concentrate more in DDds and cruisers.
    Greetings, a german potato

  6. Really appreciate these videos man, thanks for making them. They’ve helped me a lot already with improving my gameplay and made it way easier for me to improve my gameplay and results.

  7. Another very informative video

    That being said you made some spelling errors dude, get it straight

  8. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    At least for me, BBs are easier compared to CVs, comparing Nagato and Ryuujou, just started like a month ago

  9. Most important is: not to stay at baseline and try to make max range dmg. Unfortunately most of bb and ca players do this

  10. Your comment about BBs not beginner-friendly makes sense: there is a reason why cruisers start at tier 1; DDs start at tier 2; BBs start at tier 3 (except Italy); and CVs start at tier 4. I just looked at my stats, and as a beginner I did pretty well in DDs and cruisers, but my performance in BBs is bad, even though I have played more BB games.

  11. I am going to disagree with you slightly regarding islands and BB play. Islands can be very useful to block access to your flanks when making a broadside turn in a GTFO or repositioning maneuver. However, a BB cannot blithely wander around an island and must remain extremely situationally aware of the enemy’s activities on the other side. This means that the BB player must be hyper-aware of the minimap and keep a constant mental picture of the enemy and friendly forces locations and spotting. Also, islands can be useful in controlling aircraft attacks, but you have to have your WASD hacks running on full update to get moving once the carrier grows vestigial cortex on its brainstem.

    That said, I think that BB play can be some of the most varied and interesting play, because of their limitations and variety. One of the problems is that players think that BB’s are just big dumb long range artillery tanks or just big dumb tanks. But, I cannot count the number of times that I have outflanked and out maneuvered the enemy in a BB (particularly the NC—my favorite) just by employing strategy and WASD.

  12. From my Vermont’s dark heart I stab at thee! OOF! Where the eff did that DD come from?!

  13. Really nice to see someone take the time to do videos like these…

  14. Again a great video.

  15. It is not “De Grobe”, it is “De Grosse”. Anyway, good guide.

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