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Today we are going through the new personal mission that can earn you the tier V premium Aigle. A french destroyer.


  1. Everyone is killing themselves for a kraken


    I’ve Given Up On Trying To Get A KRAKEN Again 🤬

  3. it’s not worth grinding for a tier V. Maybe a tier V11 ship

  4. Is sacrificing your sanity worth it ? I’ve only have played high tier German dds

  5. Already done yesterday Kraken in a Richelieu, vive le France!!!

  6. This came out, i snapped it up. Then found the kraken thing… was kind of bummed, not gonna lie… then 555th game, in bayern i got my first…. just wasnt on that part of the mission…

  7. Ya kraken is gonna be tough

  8. I was in good spirits about the missions until I came across the Kraken. I’ve been playing for six months and haven’t even got 4 kills.

  9. I got lucky and got this ship in a crate ages ago

  10. NezukoslayerGachaGamer

    Got the Eigle in a random drop when the French destroyers 1st came out and I have played it many times it’s a fun ship to play but it is very much French. a bit slow. the rudder and the turn radius are pretty weak but all in all it’s a fun ship to play and the camo looks great. it’s worth it for a free ship

  11. NezukoslayerGachaGamer

    Been playing for more than 2 years and I have only gotten about 25 krackens I hit 4 often but never get that 5th ship to save my life. that’s out of about 3500 games

  12. Kraken for a T5 premium is a bit much. Played 2 years and only 32 Krakens. Last one was about a month ago in my Kamikaze.

  13. The Aigle was actually available briefly in 2020 in a bundle with the Imperator Nikolai I for something like 24,000 or 30,000 dubloons for one weekend.

    I passed it up but luckily earned it in crate drops while doing the treasure hunt to try for Shinonome. The missions aren’t too hard except for the Kraken. The Kraken award for those who aren’t Unicum status or even in the top 25% of players will likely make the number of people attaining Aigle will be relatively low. Still, I will attempt it if only to get the free rewards and/or extra silver for the duplicate ship.

  14. I wish they didn’t include the Kraken. I’ll get it for sure, but not sure why the penalize players who may not be skilled enough to get krakens with any reliable kraken during a normal time (let alone when the entire player base is thirsting for one).

    My suggestion as alternate to path to kraken would be capture 200 objectives (not counting defending).

  15. A free dd where i am not supposed to even enjoy the French dd line…

    Why not battleship lol?..

    And that kraken mission for 3 normal crate had me like: *shouldn’t i even try my luck and get free kills? Nope lol*

    The doubloons is what i care about than getting something i wasted 7 months to not get any goods in a filthy dd. -___-

  16. I just completed it today a free ship for silver not bad at all and some doubloons on top 😎👍

  17. Sad that I don’t have my playstation rn 🙁 I wanted that ship real bad

  18. Already finished it

  19. Id pay 1000 doubloons to skip that quacken requirement

  20. Yes, good idea, i end it today, russian DD Ochotnik help me for Kraken 🙂

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