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Discover how our video team made the “Earn Your Greatness” video with this behind the scenes video!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    In case you’ve missed our “Alexander Ovechkin: Earn your Greatness” video, you can watch it here!

  2. Duncan216

  3. AMAZING!!!

  4. The war-hockey paralell feels a bit forced, but it’s a good video nonetheless. I just think it’s a bit weird.

  5. someone must be delusional if they think Alexander Ovechkin is the «greatest player ever in the world», although he is a great player and one of the best of at least the last decade, he is not the «best ever», not even the best of his generation, if we talk about Hockey history it has to be Wayne Gretzky, his records are just unbeatable, IF we talk about Ovechkin generation it has to be Sidney Crosby and the difference in awards won by both proves that, both individual and collective(team) awards

    • Bro ovi has way better stats then sid

    • +Patraic Emery first of all you have to realize stats don’t always mean everything, it’s like Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady, the first is clearly the more talented and stats confirm that and YET Tom Brady is the best QB
      secondly I also must say you are wrong about the stats, it may be the case for last season when he won the Stanley Cup but overall Alexander Ovechkin is only above Sidney Crosby in goals scored
      Ov: 613
      Cr: 411
      Ov: 518
      Cr: 710
      Ov: 1131
      Cr: 1121
      Ov: 88
      Cr: 167
      but there’s one statistic that completely turns it around and does let us appreciate the diference between the 2

      games played

      Ov: 1010
      Cr: 870
      Ov: 0.6
      Cr: 0.47
      once again I remember that I had already revealed Ovechekin would lead in goals, but in Hockey it’s not only the goals that coung
      Ov: 0.51
      Cr: 0.81
      Ov: 1.12
      Cr: 1.28
      the fact that Sidney Crosby missed something like 100~140 games due to the severe injury he suffered and yet still has more influence in the final result of any match he plays than Ovechkin does show he is a better player, afterall it’s not just about scoring because you can’t win on your own and it usually means someone is creating the opportunity for you to score, and Crosby is that type that not only scores but also assists and makes the game easier for his teammates
      lastly, Ovechkin scoring stats are relatively inflated due to powerplay goals, around 38% of his goals are scored during PP while Crosby scores about 30%, it is also worth to point out that Ovechkin does score more BUT his shot percentage sits at 12,5% while Crosby has a 14,4% efficiency, that means Ovechkin does score more but it takes him more shots to score a goal than Crosby
      through a simple calculation Ovechkin shot 4904 times to score those 613 goals while Crosby shot 2854 times for 411 goals, if Crosby had shot the same 4904 times he could have scored 706 goals (in theory) while Ovechkin would have scored 357 goals if he had only shot 2854 times (in theory), from that we can see how the totals would always be in favor of Crosby and how Ovechkin goal stats are inflated from trying to score more often, afterall he does not assist that often, and those same stats are even more in favor of Sidney Crosby if your sample is only playoff games

    • +Armando Rodrigues I guess you forgot about all those trophies ovi won too, over sid in many cases I should add

  6. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    love this. i will be looking for this event.

    greatest play ever maybe not, a great player oh yes he is.

  7. Is it true when he smacks the puck blue tracers come off it?

  8. Really dont care about this guy… can we get someone with balls please ? Someone like Steven Seagal for exemple ?!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      WG had a collaboration with Steven Seagal. But since he was accused of sexual abuse, WG cut any collaboration with him. He was a unique commander but WG changed it to John Doe and removed his unique voiceover.

    • I know it was a JOKE !!
      Btw I was upset to loose the badass guy on my Missouri deck

    • LOL. I think you’re joking… right? You are joking aren’t you?

  9. gonzalo ruben jabier nicolas

    Un gran trabajo y dedicación sigan así ??

  10. When will Ove’s jersey go on sale for us to purchase?

  11. 4 Pittsburgh fans didn’t like this video. Well you knew this company wasn’t going to choose Crosby didn’t you?

  12. It’s nice, and I love hockey as well besides WoWS ! ??

  13. Puck this.

  14. It’s amazing how much equipment, manpower and time was needed to make that 1 min video… @_@

  15. Add Some Kamikaze Plane On Japan CV

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