East goes full bananas – FPM vs KISS – World of Warships

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There are few games worth showing from KotS 12 and this is certainly one of them.

Top 3 teams from 4 regions duke it out for the grand prize of $30000.

2nd best SEA team called FPM against 1st CIS team called KISS in the International part of the tournament.

Who ever wins this Bo3 proceeds, who ever losses is out.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. In German there’s a word “Klebeband” which means duct tape.
    Which is a perfectly good name for this strategy. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have enough Kleber

    • I think kleber and marceau are actually really bad at stalling a push, they are pure offensive weapon. It’s just that in this game KISS is too slow to exploit the fact that FPM’s southern flank has collapsed and too late to push

  2. Dear Flambass please upload the third FPM vs Bonks game where the Venezia yolo-rushed a Stalin and screwed up. Your reaction was priceless!

    • “Screwed up” in hindsight sure. And flambinos reaction was def good, but IF the torp tubes didn’t get broken, he would have pulled that move off. Just sayin

  3. That’s a batshit insane strat.

  4. They didn’t bring 5 DDs, they brought 7 cruisers.

  5. Show us more of your favorite games from this tournament!

  6. Seeing the close games my clan definitely had no chance. These guys have guts they make an aggressive move that can win or lose the game.

  7. I’d love to see more games like this on a regular basis 🙂

  8. Great game !

  9. That was a good battle 🙂

  10. The first half was just setting up as usual.

    Then all hell went loose at once.


  11. Denis Labrecque

    Well that was exciting

  12. More Tarkov! 😀

  13. “Russia is out”. all that mourning and grief in Flambass’ voice.

    • Yeah, but I felt it the same way :). Unfortunatelly, we can expect even more “balans” in the fake russian cheattree next patch. To compensate their feelings.

  14. LOL This was one crazy game.

  15. Loved the Spinal Tap reference. Went to 11😂😂

  16. HAHA WOW that was a heck of a game.

  17. Crazy game.
    Wish Flambino would upload the whole tourney. ._.
    (Yes, I know it’s on twitch. I hate twitch.)

  18. warthunder dev server has shell tracking and graf spee has a flyable scout plane if youre bored

  19. What a fight!

  20. The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns

    Really liking the DD strats tbh, it’s interesting.

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