Edgar The Balans Breaker – World of Warships

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You know, I always think to myself…someone somewhere in WG actually had to test this, play it, think about it, judge it, grade it and give it a pass for it to actually make in to the game…Jesus Christ who works at WG xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Jesus, Carrying WoWS games like that, no wonder you got back issues. As for the confession “that is not a sin my son, that is humble human stupidity.”

  2. The rapid fire adds that extra pen is goddamn deadly

  3. I enjoy this channel. Not going to reinstall WoWs though.

  4. So fucking broken.

    * Fast, decent maneuverability.
    * 6×2 Turrets with 360 degree rotation.
    * Insane RoF + Burst fire.
    * 4×4 12km Torps with very generous angles and decent reload.
    * Super heal

    What negatives?

    Shells arc to the moon.
    Fragile (as all UK cruisers are).

    GG WG, I’m only surprised it’s not Russian.

    • Negatives are you can get one shotted by capital ships if you are broadside for even a second.

    • @G T Yeah but that’s par for the course with just about any light cruiser, especially the UK ones.

    • @Arisudev True, it’s more that WG has taken all of the best aspects of UK light cruisers and turned them up to 11 without giving it some sort of definite downsides.

      IMO this is the thing about balance, sure you can make it overpowered in one category, but you have to make it deficient in another as a trade-off, otherwise it just becomes rampant power creep.

      I agree with you about the CVs though, that’s a whole other level of silly.

    • negative? Matching up against Conde and Annapolis.

  5. The 360 degree turrets and really fast traverse make this thing a monster

  6. Shoutout to that Annapolis kill from Satsuma

  7. That Satsuma player did a great job. I hope more of your team boosted his karma. Without him, it would’ve been a loss for sure.

  8. CruisingForMermaids

    ANyone else notice that Priority Target often doesn’t work?

  9. Jesus Christ Flambass makes this look so easy, I’d probably have died 9 times in the first few minutes by comparison

  10. the bait to get the Ohio to turn out and show broadside right before he saw the torpedoes was a thing of beauty.

  11. Good stuff – and good Satsuma support.

  12. why did they only rent a couple of boats?

  13. Havent played in 2.5 yrs but im glad its still fun when you can make it fun

  14. At that point what I would do as the Ohio is just rage quit.

  15. I would go see a chiropractor.

  16. Hi BB, how many torps do u wanna catch? YES

  17. It dies to my Yamato either way

  18. “Show ’em what we got, chaps!” At that, every sailor on the Edgar rushes to the rail, pulls their pants down and exposes themselves.

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