Edin BRUH! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Yes. The bruh. I almost have it myself!

  2. I’m choosing what ships to go for next on the tech tree and Edinburgh was one of them but I think I’ll go for the Richelieu instead, nice game!

  3. I can’t wait to watch some edin BRUH gameplay!

  4. Another great video from the one and only spartain

  5. 8:00 Anyone remember the “Reverse!! Forward!! Reverse again!!” Video? This must be part 2 but it’s left and right LOL

  6. Spartan: “It’s good AP, but it’s still just AP.”

  7. Sorry if all you see me talking about is the WV I’m a Colorado class fan but I like the WV better then the Colorado

  8. So happy to see you on this map and spawn. I’m always conflicted where to go. If you go wide it takes four hours and after you win/lose the cap you are out of the game.

  9. He finally remembered that the Edinburgh has fucking torps

  10. Everytime I see one of these I hear the bruh reverb

  11. I’m today years old when I figured out this thing has 30mm bow plating. Either I’m mistaking it for a broadside but I swore I’ve overmatched this thing before….or it might’ve been Fiji.

  12. I love the Edinburgh’s 30mm bow plating. Bouncing Iowa shells of the front of your light cruiser is just the best

  13. Spartan:Americans have best ap
    Also Spartan “I’m not scared of the Wichita. At this range I’ll murder him.His ap is Garbage.”

  14. Ah yes, the Edin-BRUH. I’m going for the Bow-timor and I almost have it.

  15. 8:00
    Incoming torps: PANIK
    Dodges torps: CALM
    Reload booster go brrrrr: PANIC

  16. Gotta love the 3D printer lol

  17. Never thought I’d hear a grown ass man saying Edin Bruh. Let alone hear a really old ass man (aka jingles) playing video games

  18. Holy $#!t…. he said it right! It’s a glorious day!

  19. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “No matter how thick the armor is, it can’t win against the power of gold!” -Edinburgh, Azur Lane

  20. Hahaha… That was me yesterday.. Stop shooting me!!!!!

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