Editorial // Puerto Rico / “Do you guys not have credit cards?”

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Gee I’m sure glad nothing else controversial happened last week…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: https://warships.net/PointyHairedJedi


  1. Video’s just in time for some entertainment over dinner 🙂

  2. I have.
    But I also have a life and a family to support.
    Unfortunate really.
    Heavy Cruiser design CA2-D was a ship I was really looking forward to.

  3. i didn’t have too many plans saturday, so i sat down and started playing..not sure i fully understood the scale of the grind before then..i won’t be able to complete the grind and i am not willing to pay to complete it either.. guess i will pick up whatever rewards i manage to complete by playing the amount i usually do

  4. Jingles compared the grinding effort to grinding and buying ALL the ships in Battleships in the Japanese line TWICE . . . and then do that in a month.

  5. Lesta/WG: smart about ships

  6. After Directive 7 there is a Hall o Fame =)) hahahaha will be looking forward to sea who is in the top 100 EU, NA and SEA

  7. I just bought some santa containers this year. I’ve already spent all I want to.

  8. Binks Webelf hospital bills for ischemic stroke not considered when calculating free PR

  9. If they didn’t want to give out the PR they should have just stuck the Gorizia in the Dockyard…

  10. This ship is only for certain people, not you.
    Oh yeah? My money is only for certain companies, not you either…

  11. WG deserves every ounce of hell they catch for this and then some for a stunt like this.

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    99% of players are too Poor to Rico.

    I’ll see myself out now.

  13. PickelJars ForHillary

    Dont worry, deep vein thrombosis will kill you shortly after standing.

  14. On a positive note, you sound way more lively and happy/content, even with a topic as crazy as this 😀

  15. “WG was going to target the PR grind towards the very few high-end players” – para phrased!!!. I’m calling BS on that one. By the shear amount of effort WG went through to make the ship-building program (which is very impressive) there is no way that it was intended for just the die-hard unicoms. It was designed for a much bigger audience. I think what happened is some bean counter at WG looked at the project and saw mega $ signs (Sort of like the lawyer Genaro in the original Jurassic Park). And then the pay-wall went up!!! Well sorry folks, I for one ain’t interested . If the Alaska goes and sale again I might but that before the PR. And they made this grind over Xmas!!! Shit!!

  16. The non apology from Octavian is just par for the course from WG, not really upset at this point. HOWEVER… they had the unmitigated gall to change their information page, as iChase pointed out. They originally stated that the PR would be doable grinding for free. They basically did a, “we never said it would be easy, you must be mistaken.” Thank goodness iChase kept a screenshot of the original page.

  17. Pretty much unanimous feeling from ccs that this PR event was a mess. My 2020 resolution is to spend less on both time and money on WOWS. For the remainder of 2019, going to complete the Snowflake event, not spend anymore funds than the boosters that I already paid for.

  18. Yea You’re right it’s Wargainings natural way of Foching for compliments.

  19. Octavia wasn’t “half right”, he changed the narrative so that it was “technically not a lie.” That isn’t right.

  20. You’re generous with single digit percentage, do the math, it’s almost impossible if you get the rewards instantly. I would put money on precisely zero people getting it free even if they play in a group playing 24/7

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