Editorial // USS Benham & Rogue Wave / “Problems created, solutions sold”

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Isn’t it always the way, you wait for a good clickbait drama to come along and WG provides two at the same time…

I also recorded this after only a few hours sleep, so it’s entirely possible it could be more concise, but then that’s usually a given with my videos anyway, right?


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  1. NTC was a clever ploy to distract us from how grindy and awful the savage battles event we have to suffer through for the Benham is.

  2. Yeah – a monster grind – but you can pay your way out it. I watched (in horror) when Mejash paid 25000 doubloons for a bunch of crates. He has a massive treasure trove in game – so he can afford it – but the opening of those crates was horrible to watch. A massive waste of doubloons IMHO – which served as a spectacular turn-off for my potential future purchases.

  3. Jedi I highly recommend channels like Angry Joe, Jim Sterling, Yongyea etc cause we have outcryed these predatory practices for years

  4. I was a closed Beta tester for WOW because I played so many games in WOT. My view of this is more strategic. Question. Can you play a enjoyable game without premiums? If so the game is not truly off track. I would absolutely agree with your point if you Had to have the Benem or whichever ship they tried to sell you. WOT has had issues with that for sure. Plus let’s face it. For oh so many where I live in LA $200 is a yawn. I personally only own I Premium. The Scharnhorst. The rest I play for free and enjoy. Be well. D

  5. I agree with your comments. It’s the issue of time versus money. The grind is ridiculous. I paid for the containers and was lucky that it was available as in game gold purchase. I bought gold at 15% discount a while back so it wasn’t as bad.

  6. I know this probably gets said a lot, but ever since .8.0 everything that WG has and hasn’t makes me worried about the games future. The CV rework has been a failure, this has lead to players leaving and or playing a lot less. Then you have this extremely grindy event, and WG was selling the New Orleans perma camo and a bunch of boosters to help people grind the USN line. All this stuff just feels like WG is getting what they can in a short amount of time. Not focusing on the long term health of the game.

  7. Thomas Bernecky

    Title sounds like Trump clown car? I’m taking a vacation from WOWS now, so when I hear your informative video, I can just smile. Thank, Jedi.

  8. Friedrich Klett

    Thanks for speaking out loud! ??

  9. for months WOWS grinds were getting worse, everything was getting time locked like directives and currency of the month… i remember when i grinded base XP and credits for Takao or Kamikaze and that was fun i could do it on my own pace utill the deadline…
    but this event (+CVs rework and future “regrind+”), with no sign of WG correcting their “value for money”,
    made me remove WOWS from my hard drive first time since CBT…
    WOWS stopped being worth of my money long ago… now it’s not worth my time anymore and this makes me sad because i liked this game.

  10. it seems to me that WG wants to equalise the level of bullshitery in WoW and WoT…
    they’re giving us “free” stuff in WoT and making WoW more grindy…

    • It’s all a plan to make the grind for the Texas in the independence event seem easy by comparison. Jokes aside the way WG have engineered it so if you miss out on the daily missions you are in for $20 usd is pretty nasty. Because there will be a lot of folk who do the grind, miss 1 daily too many and pay up.

  11. Speaking of bundles, containers, and grinds – I noted the New Orleans research booster bundle now available – a Tier 7 tech tree ship, a permanent Tier 10 camo for the DM, 20 consumable camos, and a research booster offering 50% off the research cost for the rest of the USN heavy cruiser line up thru Tier 10 – said booster having to be used prior to Update 8.7 – for $60 USD.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this, given the original version and stated intentions of the NTC. On the face of it, they seem to be at odds with one another.

  12. Maurice OConnor

    Turning Players into Payers

  13. i´ve seen quite a few benhams in the last few days.
    wg´s making away like bandits

  14. I’m just swapping tokens for credits, sod the Hill it’s not worth the effort. The crates are not worth it either if I’m shelling out GBP for something it has to be worth it, and as for free to play weeeell technically sort of, maybe perhaps. Keep up the good work ?

  15. Ps, The phrase you were looking for near the end is “Taking The Piss ?

  16. Robert Pettigrew

    Makes me wonder if the guy who had been doing the crazy WOT grinds has been moved over to WoWs 🙂 Remember lootboxs are the same as Kinder eggs 🙂 Had free time so have grinded this so far but hate the fact you can only miss one day 🙂

  17. Good commentary, Jedi.

  18. You have to figure in the cost to WarGaming of the contents. . . (Wait a minute, 1’s and 0’s on a hard drive. Functionally nothing.)

  19. Even only spending the $1 for 10 tokens on the Cossack, it was still a lot of grind. I was on vacation too and still played.

  20. I agree WG have got greedy, as you pointed out the cossack event was a good one, this event is just exploitation and I decided early on that the benham was out of reach.

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