Elbing – This battle shows how amazing world of warships can be!

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  1. Yeah it can be amazing until sub dev strikes you from nowhere

  2. Oh look! No subs, no cv’s and fun was had.

  3. I came all the way too GJ and got bored and sold it. This vid makes me want to continue the line

  4. GG! Dam what a close game. Get the blood pressure up with excitement.

  5. Interesting….no cv and no subs……its almost like if they just removed those classes the game would be so much better…….hmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Marty in Canuckistan

    That was very entertaining. I like the mino take out and your thought process, as you did that then went to Smolensk.

  7. I dont know why exactly, but the german elbing dd line makes me play the best.

    I’m only at tier 8, but just the general threat of bad HE dpm, with the need to use AP, makes me think about my positioning a lot more, instead of my normal Akizuki shanenigans of “run in, try to out dpm the enemy dd, hope not to die to other enemy ships”.

    The line really teaches you more optimal ways of play. Now, if I could just apply that stuff to other lines…

  8. Long Arm of the Law

    I’m surprised you didn’t run survivability expert Trenlass? Maybe you trying another build?

  9. [MELT] Absolut Melt

    Really really good played Trenlass

  10. Great video Trenlass….Elbing, hard hitting AP salvos !! Thanks Bud. ……Beadz

  11. I like that megatron commander

  12. Imagine having torps that match the speed of your dd

  13. This battle shows how amazing world of warships can be! “What a surprise there is no subs or cv’s”

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