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  1. That aiming bug is infuriating and I get it quite a lot – no idea why. I’ve never found a fail-safe solution, but usually mashing right click or entering the menu helps.

  2. GG – having fun till the game said “no”!

  3. 13:28 If I remember right, “ctrl + x” is locking the guns, and only “x” is unlocking them?! That might be the reason why spamming “ctrl + x” did not work to unlock the guns. But I’m not 100% sure.
    PS.: And last time I played shooting the guns did not automatically unlock the guns

  4. Doesn’t Ctrl/Shift+x lock the turrets and just x unlock them?

  5. The guns locking up really ruined that ending. Still a great game. I love the Elbing.

  6. Another awesome video from Trenla Cruiserbane

  7. Theres a bug that freezes your free look.
    It has actually something to do with the aiming bug as well… but as WG says: “Theres no such bug!”

  8. This ship might be good in the hands of the 1% top tier players. But most matches when you have the misfortune to have Maerker /Schultz /Elbing in your team, its a defeat. DDs have become so important,

  9. Good game pal. I have a question for you and your subscribers, what is the highest damage score you have without any kills? The reason I ask is I got 197k in my Shimma in ranked, (We lost by the way and that is why I hate ranked)with only 1 kill and it just made me think and I have to say I don’t consistently get that kind of score but I’m sure your subscribers and yourself do.

  10. Jhonrhobin Cabral

    That undeliberated main gun locked happens a lot to me when I still playing WOWS and that’s really bullshit.

  11. With the right skills and modules you can get the range out to around 18k. Ap still smashes, and you are pretty safe from everything.

  12. I was the Venezia. That flanking Shima totally shut me down. It may be a poor way to play but he basically kept me spotted the entire game making it impossible for me to farm any of the BBs pushing up the 9 and 10 lines. Very frustrating situation. Glad you had a good game though.

  13. I remember WG saying they would fix the sky aiming thing “next week”, 8 months ago…

  14. Thank you for the discussion on the credit economy at the start. Never heard that from anyone before.

  15. I think that would probably be quite hard as it would need to take into account the amount of hp each ship has restored back to be accurate.

  16. @AlexADTR
    That’d be overkill (altough nice)
    Just a accurate presentation of how much percentual dmg you caused.

    so when u deal 1k to yama it’d be ~1%, but if you deal 1k to Friesland it would show ~5%
    Healing not taken into consideration (although that would be kinda nice to see the amount of effective dmg, especially for CLs)

  17. The locking bug happens to be at least once a week, and once locked, there is usually no come back, except restarting the computer. It’s really infuriating, but happens much more frequently in ops than in other battle types, for whatever reason. Is your PC natively German? I figure mine happens as a consequence of using a Japanese version of Windows but using English language settings: I have seen the bug manifest itself once operating a spectrometer that was running Japanese Windows XP in English mode; what happens there is CAPS and lower case get inverted, and there is no way of reverting them; this happens frequently on my gaming PC too when playing things other than WoWs.

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