Emelie Bertin AP Monster || World of Warships

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Player: [CL4PT] Starofsea
Ship: Emile Bertin
Map: Big Race

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  1. Pan Paka Pan Starofsea o/

  2. So tasty Emile Bertin AP :3

  3. That Kongo, what a potato.

  4. Love the opening in your videos. Where do you get them?

  5. One of the best ships at this tier.

  6. Emile Bertin not Emelie 😉

  7. 3 out of those 17 citadel ribbons had nothing to do with Bertin’s AP, though. They were the always-hilarious HE citadels against Bogue, the ship whose hull is so weak it’s a wonder it even keeps the water out.

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