Emile Bertin Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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replay of the Emile Bertin, the tier 4 French Cruiser in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free play game from Wargaming available on 1 and PS4. French cruiser tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in an Emile Bertin.


  1. its literally Königsberg on stereoids

  2. are you ready for French “heavy” cruiser?

  3. That torpedo salvo running out of steam can be an epic replay scene with different voice over – like is that all you’ve got…give me your best shot…epic stuff!!!

  4. Thanks for the video, she’s next ship I’m currently working to get, so it’s nice seeing a preview.

  5. This thing is a destroyer-killer. Mine sits around 42 knots right now, base. Destroyers cannot outgun it and generally cannot outrun it. Love playing it that way.

  6. they are fast but only in straight line and can’t turn the rudder shift is absurd for cruisers lol . is the T5 her engine boost?

  7. Just unlocked the Emile Bertin last night, and played it stock this morning before work with similar results. Have to agree with your play-style suggestions. Keep it moving, and at range, while raining harassing fire on targets of opportunity. Enjoyable ship.

  8. Great video an info as always!!! Keep up the good work!!! I play All cruisers like the Atlanta. Very carefully!!!!

  9. Pronounced Emeel Bertaun. (I think).

  10. Fun ship, fragile but very playable.

  11. That wasn’t luck. A seasoned veteran like yourself knew that those torps would stop short. Well played. ? Got to ask, with all these ships having torps, why do you save your hydros? Is it you forgot or do you have a plan?

    • I mostly just use them when I’m either pushing a DD or I suspect there are torps that are incoming. Probably use it a bit less than i should

  12. Best before you, T5 is pure joy. Trash AP, ship is slow when maneuvering, torps are a joke only two per side, HE is rather good but still IJN’s is better. Don’t like it but I still somehow maintain high win ratio in it.

  13. I’m enjoying this new line of cruisers; they’re fun. Thanks for the great tips at the end ( about checking the scoreboard and acting accordingly). I just wish a few more teammates were playing the objectives instead of chasing ships all around the map. Maybe your channel should be compulsory viewing………..

  14. It’s “Emeel Bert-eh”…the n is sort of silent…

    Hey, 3 years of High school French has to be useful sometime…of course, that was over 30 years ago…?

  15. I got the lyon from a crate last night. Tier 6 french BB. With sixteen 14 inch guns. Only if I had a French BB commander.

  16. That thing is super fast and great he nice work

  17. I free XP’d up to the Emmy B, so my grind starts from here. Looks fun.

    See they’ve announced the Dunkerque as the next premium… would appear they’ve nerfed it slightly from the PC version. Reload is now up to 28 seconds from 26, and secondary range is down to 4km from 5.

    • Should be interesting, if I recall from looking at it previously I think all the guns are in the front

    • @Tbull Aye, 2×4 turrets. Only 330mm though, which is why I raised an eyebrow at the reload nerf to 28 seconds. Even against T4s, I don’t think 26 sec would be too strong, especially since it’s dispersion isn’t great.

  18. Pleased you got Roux but I got a duplicate sassy French Dewey, typical.
    Keep up the great work

  19. This ship is very dangerous against destroyers, even versus tier VI ships i did amazing matches?
    Its not powerful as konigsberg or numberg but its much more agile and fast

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