[EN] Naval News Night with Femennenly

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Reviewing the upcoming events for this week in World of Warships, find out the details of all the fun things happening including missions, events and promotions.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. How about old wow

  2. Hi fem great to see ya again 😀

  3. Annoying ?

  4. Hi Femennenly, As usual the ultimate question!!!! When is the ALASKA COMING OUT??????? Please, please, tell us this!!! Love your News nights!!!

  5. I just realized that not only do I have preventive maintenance on this Lightning captain, but I also have the prop mod 1 so that is something like 50% extra chance to prevent engine from being knocked out… Yet… my engine is CONSTANTLY being knocked out. Me thinks someone fooked up somewhere.

  6. Nothing again for the Asia server?

  7. @world of warships official channel can you guys take a page from jagex with oldschool runescape & have devs answer questions
    instead of continuing this charade of people who don’t know whats actually going on without “I don’t know that maybe the devs do”

    -.- you can see why this game isn’t growing

  8. Fem, you should have gone to the Battleship Cove event last weekend!

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