[EN] New tech-tree announcement and more!

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Join the Twins for a relaxed evening of World of Warships – this is your chance to hang out with us, ask questions and maybe even join us for a game!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Some premium….again…

  2. When is sub coming to the game?

  3. Perfect, i am ferry proud. I hope that also Dutch submarines will come in the future. When one of you come to the museum, i will show you around. I work there as a attendant. I think that the port will be Den Helder ore Rotterdam.

  4. when will the Flandre be fixed. Right mouse button zoom lock

  5. Add some tech trees to consoles

  6. Distant sounds of dutch cheering…

  7. Swiss carriers?
    This world is going in a bad way

  8. This is the most broken game ever atm.

  9. Love this game,any way to mute the twitch people?

  10. I really loved the new Air Strikes! Really smart new mechanic to maybe move stationary ships behind islands, or even a DD in a NonEnding Smoke. Now, just improve graphics even more, add the Submarines, and we are good to go for 2022. (do some balancing stuff too) : )

  11. LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

    Only twelve comments so far? Yikes.

  12. So, which tech tree is being added?
    Also, did they finally decide to remove top tier CVs from matchmaking?

  13. hey guys ,im noob askin when approx arp pack and arp yamato to be release this year?
    thanx b4 and cheers!

  14. The dutch navy barely had any capital ships by WW2.

  15. Removed tier 9 Alaska from availability because she was over used OP then reintroduce her at tier 8 with a new name and one less gun? Wargaming has zero credibility. The air strike armament looks wonderful but is it a consumable or unlimited? I see the number 4 on it. Is that the key you press or number of charges?

  16. Gor gaming [gor]

    Are these for world of warships legends as well?

  17. 1:32:21 So when I achieve 1st blood, I don´t get the Zulu-signal.
    Instead I get a mission which I have to do to unlock the signal… which I already had earned.

    This is another dumb incentive to pressure players into playing more, because I assume the mission will be time-limited. So either I play one more battle to get my well deserved signal, or I go to bed because it is late – and I get no signal.

  18. Alonso Lopez Moreno

    If the dutch are coming, where is Spain?

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