[EN] Update 0.10.1 Release Stream with the Twins & Bonus Code!

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Join the European team for a relaxed evening of World of Warships – this is your chance to hang out with us, ask questions and maybe even join us for a game!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. what is the bonus code. Anybody i cant see in this stream

  2. Bonus code?????

  3. I wish the Graphics ingame would be like the Graphic in the Intro

  4. Hola soy latinoamericano me gustó la intro

  5. why the code is invalid

  6. Did I miss the bonus code?

  7. I wish WG would stop making changes focused on pushing the engagements further and further apart.


  9. Why are your codes region specific? Show the NA players some gratitude please.

  10. Danke für world of he and torp spam

  11. The meta still sucks…

  12. This stream was so much fun! Loved it guys you are so funny!

  13. When are you going to fix the captain skill rework?
    I will not play this game until you do, and give players another month of free skill point redistribution.

  14. Players: these changes suck! WG….blah blah blah. It’s fine. Working as intended.

  15. When are we gonna get the submarines?

  16. Fix your Game WG, the game as you have made it with the new Commander skills is unplayable.

  17. WOWS should refund premium time for all US players affected by the snow storm.

  18. So how do we get twitch drops to work. watch one hour and claim the prize, ok done but no prize to be seen in my port. Sot the feeling is was not broke but you fixed it to be broke.

  19. hands down from me. you are not able to balance this game.

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