[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Christmas Update Stream!

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Come and join Philigula & T33Kanne for a relaxing christmas stream and have a first look at the Yamato!


  1. Thank you for the Christmas gift I really appreciate it.

  2. The Yamato event began on the 13th of December? You mention this date several times.

  3. Honestly uneven teams doesn’t look like it’s going to work

  4. Any reason why we have to wait another week for the Yamato? The hype and talk about it was huge. Why do we have to wait another week?

  5. Why not make it so that the commanders speaking their own languages?

  6. Literally all I want is some aircraft carriers and i would be very happy

  7. Did you guys accidentally hinted that the Gascoigne is coming to the game through the campaign rewards section.

  8. Mai Crocks Oreamuno

    I need the aircraft in the game please ?

  9. Can I please have the red Christmas paint permanently? I really love that design.

  10. Killian's Mat and Muscle Wrestling School

    Any chance to see 1 vs 1 duels matches?

    Or test out your ship against a selectable number, and type of enemy a.i?

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