[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Godzilla vs. Kong Stream | May Update Stream

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Tune in for a overview of the May Update in World of Warships: Legends. T33kanne will be discussing the new content of this Update and answering your questions live with gameplay from Princeblip & TheSailingRobin. We will also have a special Guest!


  1. Was a good stream guys, have a great weekend all!

  2. GAME TRANCE climbingbeans ps4


  3. Cookie-queen Olivia

    Can you set it up so that you only see your favorites takes all the others off Of the ship bar

    • You can right now, you just need to mess with you filter settings (for PlayStation that’s holding square in port)

  4. Cookie-queen Olivia

    Could you maybe sell the event camo’s like Kong and godzilla as separate camo’s instead of including them with a ship

  5. Cookie-queen Olivia

    How about buffing the experience points for planes that are spotting

  6. Cookie-queen Olivia

    Would be really cool if you guys could do a collaboration with Star Wars

  7. Cookie-queen Olivia

    AI is training Room

  8. Cookie-queen Olivia

    Could you put previous campaign event camoes in the

  9. Any plans for the game to come to Xcloud in the future?

  10. 34:44 Bismarck and hood historical camos. Release date next Monday!

  11. Glen Vandeventer

    Will we ever get Dasha as a capiton on PS4

  12. I was disappointed with the stream overall, I asked a few questions & got no reply to any of them. For example. Will there be any Tier 3 & 4 legendary bureau ships in the future , Another one would they look at introducing a way we could convert so many number of Promotion orders into an insignia.

    • …..Lmao. Legendary T3 and 4? What? No. Legendary is the best tier in the game so why? and Second one. I agree with. Should be a way to do that.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Godzilla IV I think OP means more mini challenges like the campbelltown and california(?) in the legendary bureau

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Thank you, that’s exactly what i meant to convey. My bad I phrased it wrong.I love the California and because I am not a good player & spend most of my time in the AI paddling pool or lower Tier STD games . I have only earned the Yamato & California so far in Bureau .

    • @ushuaia ice Ohh you meant limited-time bureau ships..Ahh yes. I do hope they add more that too. We haven’t had many since bureau is filled with nothing but Legendaries sadly even tho they said limited time stuff would be done but…true WG fashion. Has done very little in that regard.

  13. sibiryak_s_sibiry

    Hey, looked my super trailer Godzilla) ))

  14. Smithy&Tink Gaming

    I would like to see my grandads ship that he served on in the game the hms repulse

  15. F for being cit’d by Yamato

  16. I’m waiting for Ohio to come can you please add it before Thunder

  17. Travis Lisenbee

    Champagne is a Battle CRUISER, play it as such

  18. Patrick Stanley

    Yessssss finally the king of the seas gets its camo

  19. TheMeme Generator

    plz add rockets ap bombs and tier 10 ships

  20. Can u bring Azur lane 2nd wave back. I didn’t get a chance to get my favorite waifus. Look how sad I look in my pfp

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