[EN] World of Warships: Legends — Independence Day Stream

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Join Princeblip and TheSailingRobin to enjoy some good old USA Battleship gameplay for this special Independence day stream! Tune in for a chance to win 8 ships and 50 crates in our giveaway!

Please note that the stream starts later than usual at 3 PM PST on Friday, July 2nd.


  1. Thanks for the giveaways guys, was fun

  2. Great stream, congratulations to all the winners! Happy Canada day and Independence Day

    • I would gladly pay 1000 doubloons for a Dutch flag

    • @Beetjebreed it would be nice if they gave out free codes for other nations like how they did with Canada and the US, but we’ll see, maybe if it’s brought up enough they’ll do it

  3. StickMasterCaleb 32

    Any hints or news I missed?

  4. Great to watch these battles . I had the urges to grab the controller ad steer the ships sometimes…..funny feeling.

  5. Rene Alejandro Peña

    Guys is almost impossible to make 20 fire’s in one match, please change this campaign mission.

  6. Had the Arizona but not the Kidd. Thanks very much guys for the awesome prizes 👍🏻

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