[EN] World of Warships: Legends | June Update & Developer Q&A Session

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Come and join TheSailingRobin & T33kanne checking out new Update!


  1. I dropped the Alaska in favor of the California. Grosser Kurfürst is my second project

  2. I have a few questions:
    1. Will You add a option to look at the Yammy, Alaska, GK and California? Because now players can’t see them in Port…
    2. Will You add some scenarios or PvE battles (like War Stories in World of Tanks)? It will be great!
    3. Will You add Italian fleet to World of Warships: Legends?
    4. Will You add Coal and Steel to World of Warships: Legends?

    • Oh war stories, with the overpowered broken AI tanks? Just shut up before your ideas ruin it

    • @Lew Wheelz I don’t know, maybe in some scenarios they are too good, but this is only my suggestion, and War Stories are only comparison.

  3. ArcanjoGabriel94

    Amazing Stream! One of the best ones!!!

  4. Play both games pc and console and console is my jam, only play cvs on console 😉 honestly great game keep up the good work 🙂

  5. You guys keep adding great content BUT when are we going to get the Italian ships ??

  6. Alexandre Stgermain

    Please bring Italy ships

  7. So many requesting for Italian ships. Add them please…

  8. I lost my Ragnarok that I got from a crate. I have tried everything. Restart the game. Restart my PlayStation. Reset my filters and nothing

  9. Y’all better not buff the Minotaur fire rate / torp

  10. Really hope we see more tiers added at somepoint.

    Also the price on the 40k stuff seems extreme…

  11. I think that subs will not come until in like 1 1/2 or 2 years. For the alternative line, I want to see the British light cruisers like the minotaur.

  12. World of Warships: LegendsCan you you Fixed the Fully Packed Legendary Skill on cruiser captains I didn’t received my additional consumables charges at Legendary 4….I have photos to prove it.

  13. Please add the Spanish lenguage

  14. One of the best streams you guys have done but I think you guys ever played your hand if you really think about it you told us what you’re adding this year


  16. I really hope cvs are added

  17. And that I’m reasershing the GF hope u guys did buff the secondary’s like the one in the main world of warships

  18. By adding CVs, you are gonna have the playerbase more pissed off at you than they think they’ll be

  19. Can we just have the exact same game as the world of warships on pc just on console war thunder did it

  20. But I like this game keep up the good work wargaming

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