[EN] World of Warships: Legends | October Update Stream!

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Legends, our new update has arrived! Come and join T33kanne & TheSailingRobin for the initiation of the Child of Kure, the campaign cruiser Atago, as well as a review of all the changes and additions!

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  1. I love the economy system at the end of the battles. We can finally see how much repairs cost, how much earnings with and without premiums. I do not know why this was not in at launch it seems like a easy system. But we still need ports, permanent camos, the aiming sight that PC has has the, the ship for the HP bar and maybe carriers. If anyone from the team sees this, I would love a partnership even if it’s small. I put in several hours per day playing this game and I have over a dozen videos on my channel. I would love to help promote your game even more.

  2. Nice to see the Alabama she was one of 6 American ships I was hoping to see

  3. The silver bullets display team

    Hope to see carriers still

  4. You see it yourself guys. Long waiting times for tier 7. Not enough people playing it cause of the cost

  5. No reload boost ! For the France dd? And I love the atago great ship

  6. No air craft carriers. Welp guess I’m not playing till future updates

  7. Where’s British cruisers

  8. Wargaming you are so greedy on World of warships console how much for a single camouflage on a ship 5000 on the PC version about 120 you are just being so greedy

  9. disappointed there’s no perma camo for bismarck. was the only ship i was willing to spend for.

  10. Jo whatup with these enormous high repair costs? I dont get it. Before it wasnt so expensive !

  11. Bonjour, bonsoir…

    – A quand les vrais branches
    – A quand tous les navires
    – A quand gagner des sous plus rapidement, parcequ’on se fait chier pour monter les peu de branches du jeux
    – A quand les mêmes les caractéristiques des navires , qu’on retrouve sur PC
    – A quand on arrête de se faire repérer dès que la partie est lancée avec les cuirassés.

    Bon après le jeux est jouable , mais, j’ai fais le tour du jeux et ça me fait chier maintenant.

    Alors si c’est juste pour sortir un jeux a moitié commencer, attendez 1 an et sortez un vrai jeux .

    Jeux trop pauvres, pour être vraiment jouer . Un dirait une bêta !

    Le jeux pourrait être bcp mieux si il ressemblait à celui sorti sur PC , et ne pas faire une sous version pour ceux qui joux sur console.

    Merci .

  12. You all need to PLEASE lower the repair costs for all ship tiers, been playing now and have yet to break 100k in credits unless its in my PREMIUM Atlanta… this repari cost needs a MAJOR rework or scrapped entirely. Keep the economy, but GET RID OF THE REPAIR COSTS! That’s the whole reason I left PC WoWs…

  13. We need to boycott them so we get what we want the low prices and better ships there not even trying tf

  14. Gay as game hop it stays in the trash section where it belongs

  15. When are we going to get a new Navy? Where are the Aircraft Carriers?

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