[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Ships of the Line | French Battleships

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Join Princeblip and TheSailingRobin for the third installment of Ships of the Line! This time, we’re going to be looking at the French Battleships through the wars and going into the major events involving them. There will also be a special announcement at the end!



  1. cristian gonzalez


  2. zf-6 has defensive aa you guys need to add this to kidd and any dd’s with good aa suites at the t6 and higher

  3. It should of been british. Britain hasn’t gotten one so far i believe

  4. Dragonfighter 262

    German Power on Tier 7

  5. Will the Jean Bart make a return to the game in some form? (Black Fleet, Azure Lane, etc.)

  6. The ZF-6, please tell me you are joking, we passed April Fools, its really the Yugumo.

  7. Yolo Emilio with no rolling smoke makes me sad. Also I pray to god you add Italian dd commanders.

  8. I really didn’t want more French battleships just give us subs whenever

  9. WingaurdiumLeviosa 69

    Everyone gangsta until wargaming makes a soviet cv line

  10. BlackedOutKilla Gaming

    The Shimakaze is ruining the game, I’m honestly fed up of seeing it in every ledgendary match I go into.. It needs a nerf asap, players with no skill can pull off easy kills/victories in it, its no fun to play against and its no fun to play. Some games you jump in there will literally be 3 shima’s per team, its got to the point when I see more than 2 per team I instantly leave the game, its no fun. Some of the decisions you make at wagaming are baffling 1st you release the yudachi as a campaign ship before carriers were in the game, then you release the shimakaze before legendary tier is fleshed out. It has barley any counters, and whatever ship you are in you have to make more effort to fight it than the shimakaze player has to make. I love this game but honestly this boat is ruining the experience. Whats funny you limit divisions to 3 people so you can’t even work as a team to defeat it. Seriously sort it out, its not just me that feels this way either.

    • BlackedOutKilla Gaming

      @zerx Dude the Shimakaze sucks! And it is over powered! I hardly play destroyers so I am really bad in them, yet I managed to get a 280k damage game in the shima and whenever I pull it out I feel like I’m playing the game on easy this Is why I don’t play it. Its no fun. I needs to be nerfed.

    • BlackedOutKilla Gaming

      @zerx 1 tier 7 cruiser against 4 shimas and 3 yamatos on the enemy team? Yea ok, I don’t know what elite cruiser captains get matched into your games. You are scrapping the barrel, shima’s suck.

    • BlackedOutKilla Gaming

      @zerx you obviously are a Shima main. You have to be, there’s no other reason for you to be defending it this much. The ship is overpowered trash that is killing the games fun factor. Unless the whole team dedicates itself to destfoying it which never happens because 90% of the player base are noobs, it will never get spotted and it will control the game. Then you add in the fact there are normally minimum 2 per team in legendary games its a recipe for trash games. Wargaming needs to do something about it.

  11. Where are Italian bbs?

  12. StupidKoreanGamer

    Buff the Japanese cruisers and bbs and don’t you dare add the soviet cv line

  13. I’ll watch a six hr stream.

  14. doomguy .23 from mars

    Then u will quit in two or three years

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