[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Ships of the Line | Royal Navy Cruisers

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Join Princeblip and TheSailingRobin for the second iteration of the Ship of the Line series, this time covering Royal Navy Cruisers! Stick around as there may be a special announcement at the end of the stream!



  1. GAME TRANCE climbingbeans ps4

    Thx lads another good stream il wait for next time to hear about a JOEY FLAG

  2. What was that at the end? What was that pinging noise?

  3. Sehr Fair WG ein T7 Schlachtschiff mit 457mm geschützen, 26sec Nachladezeit und 33knt Geschwindigkeit + motorbooster….Ich werde dieses Drecks spiel sowas von deinstallieren wenn dieses schiff NICHT generft wird

  4. I’m happy the Nevada is coming but somewhat disappointed that its not a post Pearl Harbor refit version

    • I think that’s what the California is

    • xAgentOfChaos_87

      @Fred Parish Uss Nevada was Oklahoma class.
      California would of look like New Mexico before refit.

    • @xAgentOfChaos_87 The other way around Nevada was lead ship and Oklahoma is sistership so when Oklahoma comes out she’ll be classified as premium.

    • That’s because she’s in stock form and when you upgrade the hull then she’ll receive the refit just like Tennessee and California or you didn’t know that this are gonna be the new main tech tree split for the American battleships.

    • @cc409 yep the Nevada Class

  5. StickMasterCaleb 32


  6. You guys are awesome. Loved the stream.

    Super excited about the US BB line as well, can’t wait.

  7. TheOriginal SlipperyB

    FINALLY! North Carolina! 🎼🎵 Do a little dance… Make a little love… Get down tonight!

  8. Tom Clark Causeway Coast Exotics

    Great stream really full of some information I didn’t know.
    But there is one fact I kind of need to correct you on slightly regarding one of your answers about HMS Belfast.
    Tho you were correct is saying HMS Belfast did not land the final shots on the Scharnhorst. HMS Belfast did infact land one of the final torpedoe hits on Scharnhorst, if not the actual final one.
    Another fact about HMS Belfast that you didn’t mention, is the fact that she fired the first shots on D-day

  9. O magomi and your spare ternts

  10. Iam back i would like to see Italian BBS and german aircraft carriers

  11. Nevada, Tennessee, and North Carolina are great additions as well as Georgia since I’ve been asking for that for sometime. Now for Montana or since 457’s will be added. Ohio needs to be legendary. I like what’s about to be soon added because this game is best played in standard…but this isn’t what this about(Great stuff don’t get me wrong) instead this is about the current ranked format and how awful it is. Where does this feedback come from? Who’s sending it? Previous ranked seasons were good and not stressful but instead of using what everyone liked about the previous ones. You(not the community managers) go and throw that feedback(from what I saw was good) out the goddamn window and add this? Why? Who in their right damn mind thought it was a good idea to add tiers into ranked? While dwindling the teams down to 4 in Rank 3 and 2. Why? Do you guys play this stuff before adding it? Why would you dwindle the teams anyway? All it does is create bullshit chaos that comes down to first blood then whoever lost the first ship essentially loses. Can a team recover from it? Yeah, but 9 times out of 10 they won’t. For the amount of frustration and bullshit that happens in this iteration. 4k is not enough for this. Maybe like 10k steel is worth it. It’s like getting kicked in the jewels then having an Abrams back over them 20 times for good measure just to have it done all over again in the hopes you don’t get stuck with brainlets who die or hide behind islands and spam their nonskilled HE or sit in their spawn and not move or reverse….in RANKED. Bring back the previous seasons of ranked with none of this dumbass stuff. Ranked should be about skill. Not some potato ass player too afraid to fight so he humps his ass away from the fight and win because of it.

  12. I’m loving these ship of the line videos. Hope you guys make more and this becomes a regular thing. Great info and honestly very entertaining!! 👍👍

  13. 2:45:30 NEW UPDATE

  14. wait didn’t the georgia have the long range secondaries of the massachusetts in pc? 🤔

  15. Christopher Breidy

    2:47:00 there’s a morse code sound soo we need someone that can crack it down

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