[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Update Stream & Developer Q&A

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It’s nearly the 2nd Anniversary of World of Warships: Legends, so we’ve invited the Development Director back on Stream to answer some of your burning questions about Legends!

This stream will be packed with news and facts about Legends, covering your topics of interest.



  1. Nice stream guys, have a great weekend all!

  2. 86tc3

  3. Playing the Arena and Ranked matches isn’t worth it due to the shear amounts of idiots that plays it any which way but team oriented. You end up in therapy after a few sessions with them.

    • Here here bro you just end up carry half the ppl anyway and this new rank is a joke ppl are just throwing points to the other team.

    • Then grab a division mate(s) and clap instead of solo’ing? Easy wins and easy steel for Missouri. I sure as hell ain’t complaining. The latest Arena was enjoyable as hell with a full division…so I mean…Go make some friends who are like-minded and clap some boat ass. No one’s stopping you.

  4. The new rank is a joke,and when are we getting only English speak game.

  5. This game needs fixed big time.

  6. Like we have newb’s playing ranked and you get them on your team and the other team get ppl that have been play awhile.i like this game but the game mode aren’t fun to play,I have a life I can be play every day and hour to finish a ranked match.

  7. Just started a rank match 2 minutes in last 2 battleship and or dd.

    • Lmao. Then go make some friends and find a good division mate and clap some boat ass. I solo’d 100% until I found a like-minded buddy now that we play arena, ranked, and standard together grinding lines and clapping ass. We just went into ranked for the first time and and won 8 straight games in a row. It sounds like it’s a you problem instead of WG problem.

  8. There is a way to read this Q&A maybe im german?

  9. I wish I could send a pic of the matching in rank.im done with it all this for steel.

  10. This is the kind of stuff I like to see. I would like to see him come on more often and answer questions. Overall great. It’s great to hear that the sound overhaul has already went through two supertests and entering one more and will be added in soon. That’s great. Also, love his response to Skill based matchmaking. It sounds good on paper but it doesn’t always work as intended and being one of the guys who does have a 65% win ratio. It would make queues long as hell and on top of that. We would be versing the same people over and over again so that would make learning new ships harder. This game is purely fine without it. Yes, getting people who potato hard is annoying and yes. It’s worse some days but imagine for a second how fun the game would become if SBMM got implemented. The game would become super sweaty and even more obnoxious than it already is. Anyway, great stream but some of the questions weren’t answered. Yes, sound overhaul being one is great but overall. Questions were mediocre. But the biggest question was never asked. What will be done for the higher tiers with powercreep and HE spam? We have Kleber & Shima that is beyond broken and that’s just naming a few. We have Cleveland and Ochakov sailing toward the border majority of the time spamming more HE than a volcano can spew out lava. What is the being done about that? Nerfing fire chance? Removing the increased fire chance on BB dispersion builds? Buffing the hell out of damage con? Like seriously. What is being done about that? I would love to play my Georgia, Iowa, Amagi, Yamato, soon to be added Montana, and all these other BB’s but when you have Cleveland’s and Ochakov’s at the border every game and can’t punish them bc they’re 17+km away then you see the problem.

  11. Victor F. Einstein

    2:56:15 PAOLO EMILIO play

  12. CoolKitsuneWolfGamer

    We need musashi added to the game

  13. Hilarious all the goof balls asks you the question that were just answered literally 5 minutes ago all the time lol. These are the broadside selling potatoes that we have to deal with all the time in game.

  14. @Sailor Moon o k

  15. @Sailor Moon true that, secondaries are the most fun anyone can have rn the sniping meta is very unpog

  16. It is to the point where I had to take a break from the game. I mean the game would be so more better . Because this is not working with the rocks . I should not have to switch from a battleship to another ship . Because of the rocks .

  17. Any mention about fixing Grober Kurfust? I was in a match just the other day I got a citadel hitting the superstucture using Massachusettes. Or this one of them things Kurfust armor working as intented deals XD

    Also the rewards from bureau just get worse since they started it. As newer projects get less rewards from researching as that was more worth the projects then getting the legendary ships IMO.

  18. 🏅General Tin WoWs🏅

    @Darius Meeks yeah that these devs didn’t see THEIR Blinded EYES. I just comment this in like 2 weeks ago.

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