[EN] World of Warships: Legends | Warships in Disguise

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  1. When will you add the sap?

  2. When you watch the entire stream and can’t participate in the giveaway 🙄

  3. Schöner Stream

  4. Azur lane session 2 trailer is on YouTube

  5. Imagine if german battleships had the same gimmick as the russian ships do where the closer you get the better the dispersion that way the guns don’t potato and you keep the bad dispersion at mid long range

  6. Would it be possible to make the transformer skins available to be used on the ships a player chooses?

  7. @T33KANNE, As an Australian who never gets to see these streams live cause of the time they are on and I never get notified by youtube when they are on I was wondering if you could answer these questions please ….1) will Ocean Epicenter map come back?…. 2) will there be front & back independent turret control?…3 Any plans for a campaign-style story mode…. 4) I missed the Asashio when it was available in admiralty thinking that it would be in the ship store later on as it had claimed it would be at the time but I have never seen it in there and will the Kamikaze & Blyskawica be in ship store soon (come on Robin hook us, destroyer drivers, up) ….& lastly Australian, New Zealand & Canadian ships will any ever be in the game? … keep up the good work & thanks for your time

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