End of Week Madness! World of Warships Legends

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Wasn’t sure I wanted to try and record so I figured I’d Stream Come Hang Out!


  1. What is the concealment on your Baltimore?

  2. The good games make up for the shitty ones!

  3. «  Torpedoes take no skills » mmmmm
    BB captains always say that after a torp beating

  4. Just got the Iowa. What’s the best commander to use for this ship?

  5. So x box get all the premium stuff but PS4 don’t

  6. Hey I am with you on the dispersion problem it is bs they let that crap happen or right as you fire your guns the target voop vanishes

  7. Aim for their poop deck and send that steel suppository

  8. Hey spartan, maybe u need to set a delay on your stream. You seem to be getting steam sniped alot I notice

  9. 04:37 – RIP earbud users

  10. I played for weeks trying to get the Colorado. Finally got it. 3 days later can’t hit anything with it. I spent $160 on doubloons and bought 40 commander crates. Still didn’t get an American battle ship captain. This game is quickly becoming the biggest rip off in the history of gaming. What a load of garbage. My advice to everyone, learn from my mistake and dont spend money on this game. Idk how much i would have to spend before i got a battleship captain but they have saw my last dollar, and im definitely going to spread the word.

  11. LMFAO oh my God the mouth on you lol. That’s awesome I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. I’ve watched you videos for a while now and your always very happy and professional and then the stream lol brilliant

  12. The day I run into you in a WoW match is the day I’ll either be your best friend or worst enemy LOL! Either I help you if I’m on your team, or I’ll try to citadel you. Either day I would truly be an honor.

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