End of Year Special! (World of Warships Legends)

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I will get salty! (Viewer discretion advised)


  1. I loved you done a run with the community stream man. Although we had a meh game, the durp squad was hilarious ?

  2. Appreciate the chance to work with ya Spartan (was KnighthawkS86)! Usually on too late (west coast) so glad this worked out… solid game with you and generic…

  3. Anyone had any luck with super santa crates??

    • Nothing other than Sakura points, Premium days and Insignia. No ships from the 6 SS crates I tried my luck with.

    • No best thing I got was camo

    • A mate of mine got what he described as some yellow crate that had the total of about 1500 Sakura coins, a fuck tonne of premium ships and over a month of premium time, as well as all the camo’s and boosters that you’d expect.

      If someone could shine a light on this I’d be very fucking grateful, thanks!

  4. Thanks for doing this stream man, was a pleasure to play with ya! Now let’s see if we can get you to 20K subs!

  5. Nice streaming video, fun seeing ur gameplay

  6. Sorry, I couldn’t watch the whole live stream when it was going on… I forgot to charge it last night and my WiFi was acting weirdly. I did notice that you have the Mikasa, it’s a hilarious ship!???

  7. So how does it feel to have the Iowa becoming the 2nd most powerful ship at tier VII? I cannot wait to get my hands on the JB!

  8. Did he add the NYC Theme or is that actually an in game menu track now?

  9. Great stream again David!!!!

  10. Too bad he plays on Xbox. ?

  11. I hope you do it again spartan and thanks to inviting me to play with you
    My name theMoNsTr1455

  12. what´s the point of division if you don´t communicate to each other?

  13. SoartanEkite43 congrats on becoming a community contributor

  14. Spartan rga stands for Range of Guaranteed Acquisition of ships

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