Endless life of Nelson || World of Warships

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  1. Speaking of the importance of premium consumables

  2. So much potential wasted on not using AP.

  3. Sorry but I cannot watch this without getting a bit angly.. So much chances that he could overmatch bows with his AP, still let the HE reload for a full duration when he could easily swap it for AP. He could have killed that King George at the end soo much faster if he fired AP at his bow in position. This is just not how to play this battleship, sorry but it’s just not.. Broadside cruisers and still shooting HE, that Myoko that was beached. Yes you did not know it when you had HE loaded, but after you emtyd your barrels you could switch to AP to finnish him anyway.. COMEON!

    • TheBlackSpirit dude ap means they gotta have proper aim , HE just makes damage on the easy way…

    • This exactly. He didn’t use first AP salvo till 14:30, when he had ample opportunity to absolutely wreck with it before then, but nope… just kept firing HE

    • OverfrostyZ H jeah its a pitty what became to this game , only he spamming bbs and cruisers waisting there potential…

  4. Another RN BB that doesn’t know what AP is. Yes the HE is strong, but full broadside cruisers is ASKING for AP to penetrate their citadel.

  5. Send you a vid where my Baltimore straight up shits on Nelson with like 25k shots xD

  6. Agree with all these comments. See how quickly he disposes of the New Mex at the end -the only time he uses AP.. BTW the New Mex should have had him for breakfast during the time he was engaging the KGV. Nonetheless, well played and well aimed I feel.

  7. power of this stupid HE
    3 hit, 5.6k damage.
    12k salvo with HE
    3 fires at a salvo with killing salvos

  8. Nelson is a dog

  9. KGV should have used HE shell…

  10. Fucking HE spamer. The AP is much better!

  11. How is it done in this sighting?

  12. We need the austrain naval Fleet!

  13. Sigh.. the introduction of RN BBS completely destroyed the skill of BB’s, with other Battleships using HE thinking it’s a good idea…

  14. 9:15 lol

  15. One of the ugliest ship in the game.

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