Enemy team dead but defeat?! Kreml ridiculous Kraken Ranked || World of Warships

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  1. How is RANKED going for you ??

    • rental ship so much fun XD

    • Pretty well in the RENTAL Monty and I love the people complaining about it. Especially the Stalingrad players 😁 Got through to rank 8 with a single loss, RNGEESUS akhbar 🙏😃

    • pls stop taking the rental moskvas , who instadie every dem match , and all those absolutely clueless rental grozovois, if u dont have at least a 16 pts captain and all the modules , dont even try it bois. rank 10 win a star lose a star thats how im rolling since im not a ” just save ur star BB”

    • 😱no god pls no noooooooooooo😁

  2. andreas pedersen

    The Counter reached 1000 before the enemy died, so they won

  3. Арман Акимбаев

    Why defeat?

  4. The first team to reach 1000 points was red team, even if it was just for fractions of a second.

  5. All game long I’m thinking “this guy takes too long to shoot. Lines up shot, hesitates, picks another target, comes back, finally pulls trigger. That adds up to several salvos over the course of the game.” Ended up costing him the game.

    • even the last salvo he had to adjust an already good enough aim. its not like the shells go exactly where you aim. that 1.5 sec lost the game.

    • Easy to arm-chair quarterback. Before you pass judgement, you should watch more of Panzer’s vids – He’s a gunnery savant.

    • +Moist-Mike You’re right, it is easy to see other people’s mistakes but when you’re playing its not as simple. A lot of information is being processed and they are having to make the decisions. That’s why the good players review their own gameplay and see where they made mistakes then correct them for the future. I never judged the guy nor said he was a good or bad player, just simply pointed out that re-adjusting the aim cost the game, which it clearly did here. Most games, something that little usually makes no difference though.

    • +chucktowne Right-O!!! : D

  6. Anyone else use code from beginning of in battle chat? 😀 Thanks, Morzog!



  9. DMG caused 220k, DMG received 172k and spend most time of the game for snipe, that’s why his team lost.

  10. “Missed it by that much.”

  11. i get the feeling that this guy was just saving his star , and realized that he almost wins it , however well deserved loss , and he shouldve lost his star as well

  12. Abdelrhman Eleimy

    What is his/her camera settings ?

  13. yeah nice battle …American power

  14. probably the counter ran out split-second earlier than kill
    dat enemy montana almost threw game by showing broadside…

  15. All Russian lies

  16. Fcking bad player🤮🤢

  17. In World of Tanks he would have had 10 more seconds to kill the monty the last time I played

  18. Why on earth didnt the monty just delete the double fire?!? There is no way he didnt have a rep

  19. Why Moskva went forward?

  20. Not by much, so sry dude.
    Still a kraken and 1st of the team… nothing lost.
    Except if this failed victory was the ticket for next rank ofc lol.

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